Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Hingley!

This past weekend one of my friends who I met my senior year of high school got married! I wish I had a scanned picture of her and I in high school, but you will have to leave that to your imagination! I was lucky enough to be a part of her wedding and had an absolute FABULOUS time. Friend weddings are the best- full of so many people you love and, obviously, a lot of laughs and great dancing. It makes me very excited for all the weddings coming up this summer and fall. I know I often lament about being a single in a world full of couples, but weddings are truly wonderful events full of love and laughter to share with special people. I am excited for many more to come!

My high school also had it's prom this weekend- here are the counselors!

 The bride and I circa 2006:)

 I think the bride wins the beauty award here, but we both have improved!:)

 A bridesmaid and I taking a break during the reception

Congrats Nicole!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Say, "Yes!"

To the dress! Naw, just kidding...something more general than that.

Lemme tell ya about a bad habit I have- that when something is not convenient or I am feeling lazy and/or anti-social, I back out of things. In turn, I miss out on many fun moments that are worth the hassle. So, this weekend I decided that from now until the end of summer I am going to say "yes" whenever people ask me to do something. Obviously this has to occur within reason. First, I need to actually be available to do it, and second, I have to have the money to do it. Now, this does leave room for objectivity, but I am good about knowing my budgeting, and I want to force myself to not feel like I need to save as much. It also needs to be safe (aka I am not skydiving or doing some crazy stunt). I think this will be good for me in doing more things I haven't done and to get out of the hole I sometimes get into. I also will have a lot of free time this summer and I want to make sure that I am keeping busy!

So while everyone else and their mom I know is saying "I do," I am saying "yes!" I am married to myself this summer, so I am treating myself right; mind, body and spirit! So if you want me to do something with you- this is the time to ask!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Losing My Religion

So an interesting thing happened to me today. I have been staying at my parent's house to take care of my diabetic cat while they are out of town (insert cat lady jokes here), and the doorbell rang. I figured it was a salesperson (because who ever comes over unexpected anymore?) and was greeted by two women from an area church. Now, I usually just nod when church people come to the door and let them talk, but today as I was going along with my normal nodding the woman asked me to justify what I was agreeing to with an example of "how I knew I was going to Heaven." Well, I was not prepared to have to validate my head nodding, so I kinda fumbled without being able to justify what I was saying, and the conversation went downhill from there as she started crying and told me she would "pray for me."

As I shut the door, I thought of numerous things. Firstly, I am all for religion. I think it's great- people believing in something greater than themselves that gives them guidance, comfort and love in this big life. Obviously there is much more to religion than than, but the point I'm making is, I get it. I grew up going to church every Sunday, and while I do not go regularly anymore, I do consider myself a "spiritual" person. To me this means that I do not really affiliate myself with a particular religion because there are so many great aspects to all different religions that I try to live by, and I think that the good 'ol Golden Rule never hurts anyone either. That all being said, I do take offense when people try to push their beliefs on me, when I do not ask for their opinions, and then take pity on me or worry about me (someone they don't even know) when I do not share their beliefs. My beliefs are my beliefs and I don't feel that anyone has the right to tell me they are right or wrong. I don't judge other Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists or Scientologists for their beliefs, so I don't feel they should judge me based on mine. This woman could have approached this conversation with me in a much more appropriate way as opposed to basically telling me I was going to hell and putting me on the defense. She knew nothing about me, so I am insulted that she passed judgement on me in less than a minute. That doesn't seem like acceptance and tolerance to me.

And secondly, as I closed the door, I thought, I really should have just told her I was Jewish.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Great commencement speech from Maria Shriver:

Important words of wisdom to live by!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

Thanks to Down With Me for introducing me to this movement today about bloggers letting go of their facade and letting their truths come out. I have lamented on this blog about how frustrated I get with facebook, twitter and other social medias when people brag about their life and seem rosy all the time (or tell every single detail...spare me please about your baby's pooping habits...OR when they only have courage to say something awful because they are hiding behind a computer). Hence, I am limiting time on facebook and twitter because they often leave me feeling down on myself. I think it is especially important for bloggers to be a part of this "truth" movement because blogs started out as being personal and truthful and, by doing that, showing that life is not rosy all the time. However, something is changing in social media and this is now not always the case (though please spare me from comment boards on websites- they are AWFUL). I think I do a pretty good job of showcasing my ups and downs, but today I give in to the movement of "Things I am Afraid to Tell You..."

1. I have anxiety. I didn't realize it until this past year, but I am a very anxious person and always have been. My anxiety manifests itself in different ways during different points of my life, but I think my OCD and controlling nature are to control my feelings of anxiety. I am not surprise I have it- one whole side of my family is an anxious wreck- I just never connected the dots. Because of my anxiety I hate when plans get changed and I get stressed when I haven't done things I need to do (even something as simple as grocery shopping). It has left me a very productive yet very anal person who over plans and can't relax all the time.

2. I rarely get passed date #2. I hate dating in general, but I do it because it's what a single, twentysomething girl does, but I am no good at it and have very little success. I usually do fine on the first date, but there have been so many people that I thought were ok and then proceeded to not get passed the second date with. Part of me thinks that I will never have any sort of strong connection with someone (it happens so rarely for me), but part of me thinks I'm too picky. Honestly, though, I need to meet someone in an organic setting and get to know them gradually before dating. This dating to-get-to-know-you thing is not my cup of tea and I have very little success with it.

3. I still don't know how to measure a successful life. Is it kids? Marriage? A career? Solid group of friends? Some days I feel very successful and other days I feel like a failure and worry about my life. I still don't really know what I want and feel like I am always looking. Hopefully I will settle as I get older.

4. I love to work, but I don't love my job. I like my job enough and have good and bad days, but I sometimes wonder if there is something else that would make me happier or that I would be better at.  I think I want my Ph.D. but I don't want to take the time or money to get it yet, but I feel like I can't wait too much longer to decide or I will be too old and unable to work my schedule around it.  I think I want to work in higher education...or marketing...or in the business world. However, the grass is always greener, eh?

5. I have a hard time spending money. Going back to #1, spending money gives me a lot of anxiety. I budget compulsively and save a good amount, but I don't always let myself just enjoy my money. I don't believe in buying things you can't pay for, but even when I can pay, I choose to save and then have a hard time using my savings to buy exciting things or go on vacation. Must be that control thing! I also feel like I am a very selfish person (another worry of mine), so I have a hard time treating people to things that require money, but I would give my time to anyone.

So there is my list- I hope you join in on the movement and check out the other blogs participating- Things I'm Afraid to Tell You!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Taste Buds

When I was out of town this past weekend, I ate a lot of food (obvi). During one of my delicious meals with friends, we were talking about how our taste buds have changed as we have gotten older. I have a few foods that I used to HATE but that now I love. Apparently I am not out of place with the changes in my taste buds during my early 20's.

1. Eggs. When I was little I would always comment about how I liked eggs"in my head" but I didn't actually. Well, my mouth finally followed suit and now I love eggs. I don't even need to add anything to them when I scramble- just ketchup!

2. Strawberries. I only started liking strawberries about 3 years ago. I never liked the little seeds, or the taste of any berries for that matter, but now I love strawberries. They are quickly becoming my favorite fruit (especially when on special)!

3. Green Veggies: Cucumbers, peppers, brussels sprouts and okra. NEVER liked any of 'em. Now I think they are absolutely delicious. I have found that I have grown to like many green veggies that I never would even give a second thought about buying. And they taste especially delicious dipped in ketchup, but then again, what doesn't?

4. Steak. Naw, just kidding:) Never liked it and never will- tastes like rubber!

This is what I think of steak! GET IT AWAY!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Friend's Blogs Rock

This was such a wonderful post from my friend Elyse at that I had to repost!

Come, sit next to me here.

It's been a tough week huh, buddy? We've got rainstorms, morbidly obese cat deaths, fashion disasters at the Met Gala, socially conservative relatives who are confused by how Netflix works yet somehow figured out how to "unfollow" someone on Twitter, and US citizens now fighting a 4-front war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Facebook newsfeeds. Times are tough, and I feel like we're all just waiting for the next political world event to just come along and take a crap on us. (They never did catch that Anthrax guy, right?)

In an effort to make myself feel better, I'd like to present for your procrastinating pleasure...Things That Would Occur in My Perfect World. Sorry if I seem stabby... I have a major attitude right  now, and not "attitude" in the RuPaul sense. 

 -I could stand to have about 80% less Instagram on my newsfeed.
Wait. Did you take a bathroom picture of yourself in the 1940's? ZOMFG!!1! Do you have a time machine?! They didn't even have smartphones back then!
Oh, it's a 99-cent app you downloaded on the toilet? Ahhh, you trickster.

- To the next person who publically declares childbirth to be "A beautiful, wonderful, MAGICAL experience" and attaches National Geographic-esque pictures: I hereby sentence you to no less than 1 hour of explaining Tumblr to my parents. Bring a snack.

- No more overly-symbolic ornate wedding crap. I just don't care. Even though you inlayed your Save-The-Date card with real cork from the bottle of wine you drank on the night of your engagement, it's going where the rest of the Save-The-Date cards go. On my refrigerator. The SIDE of the refrigerator. Behind the Dominos and Merry Maids coupons. Held up by a lewd Stewie Griffin magnet.

- Anytime a socially-conservative buffoon appears on a late-nite talk show, we would get what we actually want to see: the host heckling and making fun of them for an hour while the audience claps and throws things. No more politeness. Jay Leno, I don't care what Rick Santorum thinks about the new Avengers movie. But I WOULD like to see a pro-choice, pink-haired lesbian mom from The Bronx impale him with a 2x4.

- Someone should just come out with a "Stoned Hippies with Acoustic Guitars: The Immaculate Collection" album so I know what to get all these kids for college graduation.

- In the iPhone 4s commercial featuring Zooey Deschanel, when she looks out her window at the rain and asks her phone, "Is it raining?" the phone would answer,"No, God is taking a pee." And then say "I've found a list of juvenile sight loss specialists fairly close to you."

- The formula: 50 Shades of Grey + Mean Girls + The Notebook. Regina George gets smacked around in a dungeon, Lindsay Lohan is hot again, and Ryan, I guess...

- Anyone who "bravely defended their faith" by supporting Amendment 1 would be forced to take a Community Chest card: It might say "Go Directly to Heaven" or it might say "Move Forward 10 Years. Explain to your Homosexual Son/Daughter Why You Think They Are Inferior to Society. Pay $1,200 Annually in Therapy Bills." 

And in my perfect world... I would like to  have the facebook newsfeed go away. I don't care that you worked 14 hours yesterday, that it's your last day of classes, that you are so in love and freakin' happy as can be, that you floss in between your toes with socks or that you are SO EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING YOU ARE DOING! ZOMG ME TOO! Well, I need a million dollars, ants to stop crawling in my windows, and my cat to stop attacking me in the middle of the night. But I'm not telling the whole world about it (through facebook at least).

I love you Elyse:)

Monday, May 7, 2012

In my next life...

...I want to come back as a cat.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sir Bikes-A-Lot

The new way I measure a successful weekend is how few times I have to get into my car. I really hate having to drive far and waste gas. I condense all of my weekly errands into one full swoop or I run them when I am already out and going by a place. I rarely go out just to pick something up. If I don't have it then I live without it until it is convenient to pick up. This does require me to keep good lists of what I will need in a given week so I don't unexpectedly run out. However, what is so nice about where I live now is that a mile in each direction of my house are shops, grocery stores or restaurants, so I can walk or ride my bike when I need something or am going out with friends. I absolutely love riding my bike, so if I am going somewhere that is 3 miles or less away from where I live and I am able to bike there, I do. I got a nice lock from Dicks and have a Bryant and Stratton sponsored backpack thingy that is bright orange (oh, yes, I stand out) to hold my stuff without carrying a purse awkwardly. This afternoon I needed to pick up a light bulb so instead of driving a mile to Kroger, I rode my bike. I even carpool to work now with some coworkers when we can and the amount of money I have saved in gas is amazing. I may not look cool when I ride my bike, but when I am I am enjoying the fresh air, getting exercise and leaving my wallet a little heavier.

Oh, and that happiness factor kicks in:).

Friday, May 4, 2012


I was sitting out by my pool last night with some new neighbors (yay!) when we got into a LONG chat about how technology is ruining our society. All three of us work in varying levels of education and we all commiserated about how students are losing social skills and respect due to technology. They don't know how to hold conversations with people, have no filter because on the internet you can say whatever you want to with little reprimand and you can hide behind your computer while doing so (which gives you courage to say things you otherwise wouldn't) and can't focus on anything that requires true WORK and PATIENCE because everything in our world is instant ratification. You need directions? Look it up! Need to shop? Go online! Need answers to any question you have? No need for a dictionary or reading through a book, google it! There is no reason for the students to understand that many things in life take a while to achieve when they have everything at their fingertips.

I am so disheartened by what technology is doing for our society that I even mentioned to my mom that that is one of the reasons I am personally hesitant about having kids- I worry about what the world is coming to (I know this is always what parent's say -"This generation!"- but I truly don't know if it is good to bring people into this world). If you know me well, you also know I still don't have a cell phone with internet. One of the main reasons for this is because I have been in too many situations where I am out in a social setting and no one is talking to each other because everyone is on their phone. People don't TALK anymore! It's ridiculous! It also is ridiculous for me to pay for internet on my phone when I already pay for it at home. And I hate that people can contact me 24/7 anyways...what ever happened to going out for the day and a phone call not expected to be returned until 2 or 3 days later? I need my privacy and space people. I don't need to be connected to everything all the time...and I wish more people felt that way. Facebook should never have been opened up for people younger than college because they simply can't handle it. AOL was bad enough when I was growing up, but the bullying and picking on people didn't compare to what is done now online. I also think that people "friend" people they aren't really even friends with, yet when they run into them in real life, they either know WAY too much about them or don't even say hi. I have begun defriending people I know I wouldn't say hi to if I saw them. Why do I need to know so much about people I don't regularly talk to?

I know that technology has done great things for research, medicine, world communication and in terms of people keeping in touch with people (I mean, I do have this blog so I can't really talk about that), but my thing is that people aren't educated enough to know how to use technology in a good way and not have it become detrimental. My generation is in an interesting position because we remember what life was like before and after (the switch happened for most of us while we were in school). These student's don't see that. They are raised in a 100% technological/internet ruled world, and no one has ever been in that position. So my question is, how can we as a society make it so that these children do not lose the skills they need to be successful adults in a social and work-ethic sense?

I think a great way would be to have facebook and twitter be only available to the 18 and up crowd!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012



A little college throwback in honor of my 4 years since graduation (officially on May 18th). So thankful for my college experience, where it brought me, what I have done since, and, mostly, the amazing people I met and still keep in touch with!