Monday, May 21, 2012

Say, "Yes!"

To the dress! Naw, just kidding...something more general than that.

Lemme tell ya about a bad habit I have- that when something is not convenient or I am feeling lazy and/or anti-social, I back out of things. In turn, I miss out on many fun moments that are worth the hassle. So, this weekend I decided that from now until the end of summer I am going to say "yes" whenever people ask me to do something. Obviously this has to occur within reason. First, I need to actually be available to do it, and second, I have to have the money to do it. Now, this does leave room for objectivity, but I am good about knowing my budgeting, and I want to force myself to not feel like I need to save as much. It also needs to be safe (aka I am not skydiving or doing some crazy stunt). I think this will be good for me in doing more things I haven't done and to get out of the hole I sometimes get into. I also will have a lot of free time this summer and I want to make sure that I am keeping busy!

So while everyone else and their mom I know is saying "I do," I am saying "yes!" I am married to myself this summer, so I am treating myself right; mind, body and spirit! So if you want me to do something with you- this is the time to ask!

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