Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sir Bikes-A-Lot

The new way I measure a successful weekend is how few times I have to get into my car. I really hate having to drive far and waste gas. I condense all of my weekly errands into one full swoop or I run them when I am already out and going by a place. I rarely go out just to pick something up. If I don't have it then I live without it until it is convenient to pick up. This does require me to keep good lists of what I will need in a given week so I don't unexpectedly run out. However, what is so nice about where I live now is that a mile in each direction of my house are shops, grocery stores or restaurants, so I can walk or ride my bike when I need something or am going out with friends. I absolutely love riding my bike, so if I am going somewhere that is 3 miles or less away from where I live and I am able to bike there, I do. I got a nice lock from Dicks and have a Bryant and Stratton sponsored backpack thingy that is bright orange (oh, yes, I stand out) to hold my stuff without carrying a purse awkwardly. This afternoon I needed to pick up a light bulb so instead of driving a mile to Kroger, I rode my bike. I even carpool to work now with some coworkers when we can and the amount of money I have saved in gas is amazing. I may not look cool when I ride my bike, but when I am I am enjoying the fresh air, getting exercise and leaving my wallet a little heavier.

Oh, and that happiness factor kicks in:).

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