Friday, June 8, 2012

Busy B

Whew, I feel like I have barely had a moment to sit in the last few weeks. Just when the school year is winding down, my after-school activities are gearing up. Between weekend Bachelorette trips and weddings, I have been neglecting my cat, my bank account and my refrigerator (it just seems so empty).

I impulsively decided to be an assistant swim team coach as my summer job. It has been fun getting back into swimming mode since I was a summer swimmer from the age 7 until 18, but it is hard with school still in session. I have practices in the evenings and they are on the side of town where I work, so I don't come home in between, so many days I am gone 7 am until 8 pm. It's fun, but tiring. I think I will really enjoy it once I am done with work for the summer (June 21st).  My poor cat is depressed because I am gone so much. I also have been babysitting a lot lately and am babysitting new families this summer, so I have been meeting the new kids as well. It also seems that my social calendar has been booked, too, with graduation parties, kickball, my singing group (we have a national anthem gig this Thursday at the Richmond Flying Squirrels Game- I will post a video of it) and wedding celebrations. It's been a lot of fun, but being this busy definitely takes its toll! I have begun running in the mornings to just squeeze exercise in and so I can do it when it is cooler, so many days I am up at 5:45 am. So sleep by 10 PM is crucial!

Anyways, no complaints, just my life for the last and next few weeks (I hate when people complain about being busy...everyone is)! But on another note- I am looking forward to (some) relaxation this weekend- enjoy:).
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