Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ms. Walsh was a kid, too!

Working in a high school, I am often asked to submit random photographs of various periods in my life. This year I was asked for two specifics: a "toddler" picture (which I did need clarification from my dad for...I have no idea what years a child is considered a toddler...but apparently photos of me walking around playing with pampers boxes and falling over are not acceptable) and senior pictures. 

Toddler Pic # 1: 1ish (looks like I can walk) I am loving my halfway comb-over here. Thanks for the style, mom.

 Toddler Pic # 2: For some reason, people generally laugh when they see this pic. I have no idea why- I feel that I am rocking the leotard with my amazing legs and bowl haircut quite nicely.

Toddle Pic # 3: Maybe not so much of a toddler here (I am guessing I am 3), but it seems to foreshadow my years of loving to go to school.

These two beauties were put in the yearbook this year (ignore the fact that my name was spelled wrong...the photographer messed up and we ended up getting double sets!). Seriously, for the last 2 weeks students have been telling other teachers and myself, "Dude! Ms. Walsh had blond hair!" "She looks the exact same!" For the record, it wasn't blond, it was highlighted from lifeguarding all summer, and yes, I do realize I still look 17. My sundress fetish when I am at work probably doesn't help me looking older, either.
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