Sunday, June 10, 2012

To Me on My 26th Birthday

Dear Robyn,

Happy 26th! Congrats! You are another year older, wiser and more beautiful (you can at least think so)!

Remember when you thought the world was going to end at the Millenium in 2000 (thanks for that, Brian) and you thought 14 was old? Guess what?! The world didn't end, 14 is actually very young and now you are really getting old.

 (Don't look up my dress, you perv)

What, you wanted more? Sorry, dude. This isn’t a milestone. You can already smoke (didn’t want to anyway), can already drink (and do it less because you would rather eat your calories than drink 'em), can already rent a car without paying a premium, and already had your insurance rates reduced (25 = lame). No new perks, plus now you’re closer to 30 than 20. Scary, huh?

Here’s the thing: You had a big year! You moved to the fan, traveled all over the east coast last summer, got more involved in your job and, oh, BOUGHT YOUR FIRST HOME! That's a great accomplishment for someone your age. Sure, you had many freak outs along the way and you still have slight OCD behaviors and are way too much of a planner, but you can only move forward! Life is about always trying to better yourself, right?

My wish to you is that you make your 26th year even better; let loose; stop worrying as much; take a risk; be impulsive; buy something ridiculous that you don't need; stop laying out as much (wrinkles are gonna pop up soon...I see those mouth lines); stop saying you never will have children and/or don't like them (you know you actually do); get lost; run a half marathon; fall in love; sing; laugh.

If there’s anything I want you to learn from this, your 26th year, it’s to throw your plans out the window. Don’t try to predict what will happen, or put your life on a schedule. Just work hard, have fun, and be kind. If you do that, everything will follow in its own way and its own time.


Peace out

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