Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recap: Summer

This summer has been a season of growth and self-awareness for me. It was a very different summer than last year when I had no job and traveled most of the time. This year I coached swim team and babysat and was much more social. I also spent it in my new condo and further established myself as an adult!

I learned a lot about myself through my jobs and social interactions. I worked with younger kids coaching, and I babysat, which made me realize that younger kids are actually quite fun (albeit not totally able to understand sarcasm) and babies aren't that scary. Someday I may even have some of my own! And perhaps a level change is in the near future in terms of my job (middle or elementary)?

I also really enjoyed the schedule of my summer- swim team coaching until July 24th everyday from 9-11 am (workout before) with the rest of the day to myself- and then almost half of the summer left for traveling. Since coaching ended, I have been to Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks, Texas and soon I will go to DC. It has been a great balance of work, travel and relaxation. I am thankful I have a job where I can get a break in the summer and do something different. Even though I do get bored at times when I don't have much going on, I am getting better at keeping myself busy. Next year I may try a head coaching job somewhere to take up more time and earn more pay.

I also have made strides in myself. I started off this summer feeling very down about everything (cue depressing post in early July), but I have made changes and put in elements to bring my mood up and better myself. I have a new outlook on dating, relationships and what I want out of my life. I can thank my friends and boys I have dated this summer for that- it was not all pain and no gain:).

My life isn't perfect and there are still many things I want to work on and change, but I feel very confident after this summer in where I am headed. Everything was worth it. I was learning, growing, discovering and having fun (almost) the whole time! Hopefully this will continue as I get back to work for my 3rd year!
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