Thursday, August 30, 2012

Richmond, VA

For the past two weeks I have been doing a lot of evening walks. I love walking around as the nights get cooler and the sun sets a little earlier, because it is truly a beautiful time of day. I live in an area where I can go on a walk and hit different scenery everyday, because there are so many great routes. Walking has also made me appreciate how wonderful Richmond is. I know many of you who read this are from Richmond or currently live here, but many of you may have never even visited Virginia before. Virginia is GORGEOUS. From the mountains to the beaches to the country to the Metropolis that is Northern Virginia and D.C., you can experience just about anything in this state. Four distinct seasons, beautiful wildlife and foliage, wineries, and such a rich history from the battlefields to Jamestown, it is a one of a kind state.

On my walks I always appreciate the beauty of the city even more. Growing up I didn't do too much in the city because we lived in the county to the south of the city, but the city of Richmond is very unique. There is the historic shockoe slip, the canal walk along the city, Carytown shopping, and the great Boulevard that runs through the fan (best neighborhood) and VCU. There are great races such as the Richmond Marathon (voted "friendliest" marathon) and the Monument 10k, as well as many social leagues and a great bar scene. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia Historical Society, Byrd Park and the Science Museum give people of all ages great entertainment. We also have two huge outdoor malls and a wonderful old discounted movie theater. Concerts in the summer and fall keep music lovers happy and dogs love the outdoor events that welcome them. Affordable housing, great options for schools and active neighborhood organizations. What more do you need?

Virginia Museum of Fine Art's courtyard

View of the city on the James near Brown's Island

The Boulevard in the Fan

The Canal Walk

Byrd Park Fountain


Come visit if you have never been, and if you live here, take time to appreciate it:)
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