Sunday, September 30, 2012

Innovation Downfall

As you may remember, this is my current cell phone:

Obviously I do not search the internet or take good pictures on my phone. I simply call and text people. I also do not take it with me everywhere and do not use it as an entertainment device. Because as you may also remember, I do not believe in cell phones with internet because I believe it is the social and attention downfall of our society. Case in point of these photos from this weekend the morning after a Bachelorette Party:

Granted, this was in the hotel room, but there were points during the weekend when EVERYONE had their cell phone out (excluding me) and was on the internet. Also, at a BAR a GROUP of guys were all drinking, standing in a circle, and staring at their cell phones. AT A BAR. Why don't you just stay home and do the same for cheaper?!

I will continue to socialize and live life in person and not on my cell phone, thank you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dead Celebs

This past weekend my coworker had a "Dead Celebrities" Birthday Party. It was quite fun to think of costumes that A). weren't too morbid and B). weren't hard to do. We only took one picture at the party (blame us having too much fun), but I wanted to display it here so people could see what we went as (many were creative). It was hysterical.

Left to Right: I went as Brittany Murphy circa "Clueless" as Tai. Emily next to me is Farrah Fawcett. The redhead, Katie, is Lindsey Lohan (because she might be dead any second)- she had on an ankle monotor, tattos, sunglasses and a leopard coat all night. It was amazing. The next guy is Heath Ledger circa Brokeback Mountain while the OTHER cowboy guy, Joe, is Jake Gyllenhall's character Jack who dies in the movie (we heard some amazing "I just can't quit you Ennis!" lines). Brooke in the middle is Marilyn Monroe, Melanie is Elizabeth Taylor, Ashley is Aaliyah and Ernie on the end is Patrick Swayze from "Dirty Dancing." His dance moves were HYSTERICAL!!!! We also heard many "Nobody puts baby in a corner" lines.

Things I learned from this party: The more ridiculous people dress up, the more ridiculous they act, boys don't watch "Brokeback Mountain," singing/dancing in the street is quite fun, going to a club dancing in a group dressed as dead celebrities will get you a lot of stares (but surprisingly many people got it) and nothing is more funny than people quoting movie lines in character. Nothing.

My coworkers rock!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Living Simply

I love CNN. At work it is my homepage, so I am always up to date on the news (though I am not always 100% in to every story posted). One of the reasons I love CNN is the great health articles that are posted daily. Last week there was an article about people who are downsizing so much that they are living in 500 square foot homes with lots of land. I really enjoyed reading this article because I am finding that since I bought my own condo that is about 800 square feet, my life has felt more simplified. It is the perfect amount of space for me to have enough room, but to not be overwhelmed with cleaning, spending ridiculous amounts of money furnishing and worry about what project I have to do to keep the place up to date. Not having a yard that I have to take care of also makes it less stressful. It is 100% turn key and go when I am gone- no maintenance required. I think that while many people, especially those with families, need more space, we don't need 2,000+ square foot homes. It is too much to clean and maintain. I really enjoy the homes in my area that families live in where children have to share rooms and there is no wasted space- cute 1,500 square foot cape cods. Granted, storage is important, but I think we all can learn to live in less and with less. It saves time, money and a lot of frustration. I would rather spend money on doing things and traveling than paying for space I don't really need. There is something to be said about a simple lifestyle and not being able to stay in your homes for days with no need to go outside!

Friday, September 21, 2012

MBK 411

My school's film class puts on a broadcast every month known as 'MBK 411'. This year I was interviewed in the first edition by two students. Check out the whole video below and my spot at around the 3 minute 30 second mark. I unfortunately did not smile as much as I normally do:)!

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Hate Politics

Talk about a dirty word.

You say politics to anyone and tensions run high and annoyances run deep. People get hot, sweaty and fired up to talk about their beliefs. They base it on fact, family, friends, TV and actual research. They take it personally. And few sway.

Facebook, twitter and other social media blow up. People take sides. Anger. Insults. Generalizations. No one knows everything but everyone knows something. Compromise? Nah, no room for either. You pick a side based on some lies, some truths, some misconceptions, some promises and some slogans.

I absolutely hate election season. I hate the ads, I hate the dirty talk politicians say to one another, I hate the lies, I hate the explosion of opinions on social media, I hate the scandals the media promote, and I hate the bias coverage on CNN and Fox. I hate that people ask "what you are" (i.e. Dem or Rep) and when you say, "I vote for people not sides" they roll their eyes and assume you are liberal or libertarian. They don't agree with that either.

I don't care who you vote for as long as you have a valid reason (i.e. it is actually a reason and not just because your family or spouse or friend votes a certain way). People vote differently and for different reasons- some care more about money, others social issues, others environmental and each one is fine. Vote for what matters to you. You and no one else. I hate people who vote when they don't know the whole story or vote because they have always voted a certain way. That all being said, please do your homework in private- I don't care to know your political affiliations.

And I think it is weird that more people don't agree with me and get on their soapboxes at any chance to preach to me their "right" beliefs.

I also wish we had more than two major political parties.

But maybe that is just me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fever Pitch

This past weekend for the first time since I left for college, I got sick. I am not talking about a cold or sore throat (I did deal with tonsilitus my second year in college), but in-bed-with-a-fever sick. Where you can't get out of bed and feel like you may be dying. Or have some sort of terminal illness (my constant thought is that I always have lymphoma...long story). I don't get sick much, so I always imagine the worst.

The lesson I learned from this experience? Mom's and dad's, even at 26, still are the best nurses.

Both days when I woke up sick, I called home. My mom had to tell me what to do and called to check in with me. On the second day when I thought I was dying from hypothermia because I had chills so bad I couldn't stop shaking, I called crying. Mom and dad went to the store to do my grocery shopping and came over to take care of me. Then they took me to their house, made me a bed on the couch (like when I was younger), got me anything I needed and took care of me until I was better. 

There is something about being sick and being by yourself that just doesn't mix well. You need someone to take care of you and keep you company when you are laying around for days and days...and someone to assure you that you are not dying. Someone to love you no matter what state you're in, which when you are single, is most likely your parents (but thank you to my friends for all their sweet offers).

So to my mom and dad- thank you for being my nurses! And I will write out my bank account numbers, information and passwords and where I want my money to go to in case I do get lymphoma or west nile or some crazy terminal illness next time:).

Monday, September 3, 2012

In honor of fall weddings

This fall, three of my good long-term friends are tying the knot! What better way to showcase our friendships than a little photo tutorial?


I met Cate my first year of college during our sorority's (Alpha Chi Omega) bid week. We were drawn to each other by our mutual love of singing, Broadway, humor and outgoing personalities. She was someone I could talk to about anything. The above picture is from a fraternity Christmas party in 2006, while the picture below is from her housewarming party last August. She is marrying Ryan, whom she met in college but didn't start dating until afterwards, in early September!


I have known Jane since I was 8 years old. We met through Surreywood Swim Team and various soccer teams (she was much better than me). She went to different elementary and middle schools than me, but we rejoined one another in high school where she was on the JV soccer team with me (and enjoyed making fun of me in practice) and dated one of my close guy friends. In college we kept in touch through AIM and breaks. We lived together my first year after grad school, and now I am a part-time employee for her company! The above picture was when I visited Virginia Tech in fall of 2006 (I have older pictures in hard copies) and the below picture is from her birthday party last August. I will miss her when she moves to Texas to be with her soon to be hubby, Doug! They met through one of her company's clients and their wedding is early October.


I met Keaton through my friend Sarah in 10th grade (2001). We went to both my Junior and Senior prom together and even Senior Homecoming. The above picture is from Junior prom in 2002.

Keaton and I stayed friends through our mutual group of girl/guy friends. Many nights when I was in grad school we would all hang out at his and my other buddy, Nate's, house. By him going to Virginia Tech, we also gained even more mutual friends during weekend trips. The above picture is during one of those visits in the fall of 2006, while below is this past New Year's Eve in D.C. He is getting married to Keely, whom he met in nursing school, in late October.

I am thankful for my many long-term friendships, for each one is unique and every friend, not only brings out a different side of you, but holds a special place in your heart and in your life. Congrats to all!