Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dead Celebs

This past weekend my coworker had a "Dead Celebrities" Birthday Party. It was quite fun to think of costumes that A). weren't too morbid and B). weren't hard to do. We only took one picture at the party (blame us having too much fun), but I wanted to display it here so people could see what we went as (many were creative). It was hysterical.

Left to Right: I went as Brittany Murphy circa "Clueless" as Tai. Emily next to me is Farrah Fawcett. The redhead, Katie, is Lindsey Lohan (because she might be dead any second)- she had on an ankle monotor, tattos, sunglasses and a leopard coat all night. It was amazing. The next guy is Heath Ledger circa Brokeback Mountain while the OTHER cowboy guy, Joe, is Jake Gyllenhall's character Jack who dies in the movie (we heard some amazing "I just can't quit you Ennis!" lines). Brooke in the middle is Marilyn Monroe, Melanie is Elizabeth Taylor, Ashley is Aaliyah and Ernie on the end is Patrick Swayze from "Dirty Dancing." His dance moves were HYSTERICAL!!!! We also heard many "Nobody puts baby in a corner" lines.

Things I learned from this party: The more ridiculous people dress up, the more ridiculous they act, boys don't watch "Brokeback Mountain," singing/dancing in the street is quite fun, going to a club dancing in a group dressed as dead celebrities will get you a lot of stares (but surprisingly many people got it) and nothing is more funny than people quoting movie lines in character. Nothing.

My coworkers rock!
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