Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fever Pitch

This past weekend for the first time since I left for college, I got sick. I am not talking about a cold or sore throat (I did deal with tonsilitus my second year in college), but in-bed-with-a-fever sick. Where you can't get out of bed and feel like you may be dying. Or have some sort of terminal illness (my constant thought is that I always have lymphoma...long story). I don't get sick much, so I always imagine the worst.

The lesson I learned from this experience? Mom's and dad's, even at 26, still are the best nurses.

Both days when I woke up sick, I called home. My mom had to tell me what to do and called to check in with me. On the second day when I thought I was dying from hypothermia because I had chills so bad I couldn't stop shaking, I called crying. Mom and dad went to the store to do my grocery shopping and came over to take care of me. Then they took me to their house, made me a bed on the couch (like when I was younger), got me anything I needed and took care of me until I was better. 

There is something about being sick and being by yourself that just doesn't mix well. You need someone to take care of you and keep you company when you are laying around for days and days...and someone to assure you that you are not dying. Someone to love you no matter what state you're in, which when you are single, is most likely your parents (but thank you to my friends for all their sweet offers).

So to my mom and dad- thank you for being my nurses! And I will write out my bank account numbers, information and passwords and where I want my money to go to in case I do get lymphoma or west nile or some crazy terminal illness next time:).

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