Monday, September 17, 2012

I Hate Politics

Talk about a dirty word.

You say politics to anyone and tensions run high and annoyances run deep. People get hot, sweaty and fired up to talk about their beliefs. They base it on fact, family, friends, TV and actual research. They take it personally. And few sway.

Facebook, twitter and other social media blow up. People take sides. Anger. Insults. Generalizations. No one knows everything but everyone knows something. Compromise? Nah, no room for either. You pick a side based on some lies, some truths, some misconceptions, some promises and some slogans.

I absolutely hate election season. I hate the ads, I hate the dirty talk politicians say to one another, I hate the lies, I hate the explosion of opinions on social media, I hate the scandals the media promote, and I hate the bias coverage on CNN and Fox. I hate that people ask "what you are" (i.e. Dem or Rep) and when you say, "I vote for people not sides" they roll their eyes and assume you are liberal or libertarian. They don't agree with that either.

I don't care who you vote for as long as you have a valid reason (i.e. it is actually a reason and not just because your family or spouse or friend votes a certain way). People vote differently and for different reasons- some care more about money, others social issues, others environmental and each one is fine. Vote for what matters to you. You and no one else. I hate people who vote when they don't know the whole story or vote because they have always voted a certain way. That all being said, please do your homework in private- I don't care to know your political affiliations.

And I think it is weird that more people don't agree with me and get on their soapboxes at any chance to preach to me their "right" beliefs.

I also wish we had more than two major political parties.

But maybe that is just me.

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