Monday, September 3, 2012

In honor of fall weddings

This fall, three of my good long-term friends are tying the knot! What better way to showcase our friendships than a little photo tutorial?


I met Cate my first year of college during our sorority's (Alpha Chi Omega) bid week. We were drawn to each other by our mutual love of singing, Broadway, humor and outgoing personalities. She was someone I could talk to about anything. The above picture is from a fraternity Christmas party in 2006, while the picture below is from her housewarming party last August. She is marrying Ryan, whom she met in college but didn't start dating until afterwards, in early September!


I have known Jane since I was 8 years old. We met through Surreywood Swim Team and various soccer teams (she was much better than me). She went to different elementary and middle schools than me, but we rejoined one another in high school where she was on the JV soccer team with me (and enjoyed making fun of me in practice) and dated one of my close guy friends. In college we kept in touch through AIM and breaks. We lived together my first year after grad school, and now I am a part-time employee for her company! The above picture was when I visited Virginia Tech in fall of 2006 (I have older pictures in hard copies) and the below picture is from her birthday party last August. I will miss her when she moves to Texas to be with her soon to be hubby, Doug! They met through one of her company's clients and their wedding is early October.


I met Keaton through my friend Sarah in 10th grade (2001). We went to both my Junior and Senior prom together and even Senior Homecoming. The above picture is from Junior prom in 2002.

Keaton and I stayed friends through our mutual group of girl/guy friends. Many nights when I was in grad school we would all hang out at his and my other buddy, Nate's, house. By him going to Virginia Tech, we also gained even more mutual friends during weekend trips. The above picture is during one of those visits in the fall of 2006, while below is this past New Year's Eve in D.C. He is getting married to Keely, whom he met in nursing school, in late October.

I am thankful for my many long-term friendships, for each one is unique and every friend, not only brings out a different side of you, but holds a special place in your heart and in your life. Congrats to all!

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