Sunday, September 30, 2012

Innovation Downfall

As you may remember, this is my current cell phone:

Obviously I do not search the internet or take good pictures on my phone. I simply call and text people. I also do not take it with me everywhere and do not use it as an entertainment device. Because as you may also remember, I do not believe in cell phones with internet because I believe it is the social and attention downfall of our society. Case in point of these photos from this weekend the morning after a Bachelorette Party:

Granted, this was in the hotel room, but there were points during the weekend when EVERYONE had their cell phone out (excluding me) and was on the internet. Also, at a BAR a GROUP of guys were all drinking, standing in a circle, and staring at their cell phones. AT A BAR. Why don't you just stay home and do the same for cheaper?!

I will continue to socialize and live life in person and not on my cell phone, thank you.
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