Monday, September 24, 2012

Living Simply

I love CNN. At work it is my homepage, so I am always up to date on the news (though I am not always 100% in to every story posted). One of the reasons I love CNN is the great health articles that are posted daily. Last week there was an article about people who are downsizing so much that they are living in 500 square foot homes with lots of land. I really enjoyed reading this article because I am finding that since I bought my own condo that is about 800 square feet, my life has felt more simplified. It is the perfect amount of space for me to have enough room, but to not be overwhelmed with cleaning, spending ridiculous amounts of money furnishing and worry about what project I have to do to keep the place up to date. Not having a yard that I have to take care of also makes it less stressful. It is 100% turn key and go when I am gone- no maintenance required. I think that while many people, especially those with families, need more space, we don't need 2,000+ square foot homes. It is too much to clean and maintain. I really enjoy the homes in my area that families live in where children have to share rooms and there is no wasted space- cute 1,500 square foot cape cods. Granted, storage is important, but I think we all can learn to live in less and with less. It saves time, money and a lot of frustration. I would rather spend money on doing things and traveling than paying for space I don't really need. There is something to be said about a simple lifestyle and not being able to stay in your homes for days with no need to go outside!

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