Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I believe that

1. I am in control of my life
2. Friendship is the true epitome of happiness
3. Traveling is as important as the air I breath
4. God may or may not be real, but kindness and acceptance are undeniable
5. What I do is important, but it is not important enough to be my whole life
6. Alcohol does not taste very good (nor do hangovers feel)
7. No one can fill my own needs but me
8. The grass will always be greener, but it is up to me to not believe that's true
9. I need to live more in the moment rather than plan my life away
10. Everyone makes mistakes because we are constantly learning
11. Life will not go as planned, and I should just accept it rather than try to change it
12. Music makes everything (literally) better
13. Sadness will come and go
14. Money cannot buy happiness
15. What I want will not always be what I need, and what I need with not always be what I want
16. Looks will come and go, but how you make someone feel will always linger
17. Finding your passion can take most of your life, but the key is to keep looking until you do
18. I am only as old as I feel
19. Heaven is a beach
20. Everything works out in the end, so if it hasn't worked out, it's not the end

"The art of living lies in the fine mingling of holding on and letting go."
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