Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mean Girls

For the Halloween Parties this weekend, some work friends and I went as "Mean Girls." I was Karen, the dumb blonde who thinks her boobs have magical powers, and two of my coworkers went as Regina and Gretchen. We were completed by a burn book and looks of pink.

We wrote funny/mean things in the book about our administrators.

This is the only one I can show you since he remains unnamed. The pages got more hysterical as the night when on and more people added to it.

We are so mean.

Things I learned from wearing a blonde wig:
  1. Blond, shinny hair makes my eyes pop WAY more than brown
  2. Cab drivers think I am a cross dresser (yes, that did happen)
  3. People will not recognize you because you look so different (yes, that also happened)
  4. I should probably stay brunette...I didn't have more fun as a blonde anyways!
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