Monday, November 5, 2012

Condo Living

It has been 7 months since I bought and moved into my condo, so I think it is due time for a little update! I have absolutely loved living here. The place is a perfect size for me, so I don't have any wasted space but have plenty of storage, and I have loved the neighborhood and condo community. I have friends who's places I can walk to at the drop of a hat, and the pool and gym have been perfect for me (we joke that it's like "Melrose Place"). I have no regrets about my purchase, and I have loved living alone. In fact, I feel less lonely living alone because I get out and do more, and when I want to do nothing, I don't have to worry about anyone else and their plans!

I haven't changed anything cosmetically in my place since moving in (I do think I might paint at some point) and so far nothing has broken. I did have some bug issues in the spring- ants and house centipedes- but I figured out how to get rid of them and prevent more from coming. I will be more prepared next year. I also have loved my electric bill- even in the summer during 100+ degree days, I never paid more than $62/month in electricity! One of the big pluses of a smaller space:)

My bed geared up for winter!

Romo in his usual position and getting into the cabinet to take my hair ties (which I then find all over the place)

My fridge of love!

Yay! My appliance corner- waffle maker, toaster, mini-blender and coffee maker, none of which are used much but are good to have!

Fall in my living room- the tree out the window is a great red!

New purchase from Target next to my door- perfect for my purse and extra storage!

Fall pumpkin and fruit basket

"R" from my mom!

 Dining table with a Halloween card (Thanks, Jess!) and great fake flower.

On the outside of my front door I also have a pumpkin and scarecrow greeting my visitors:) So you should come visit if you haven't!

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