Monday, November 26, 2012


After the thankfulness of this holiday weekend, I learned sad news. My cousin was hit by a truck while riding his bike in California and killed. He is one of my Walsh cousins (one of 18), and I was in his wedding as flower girl when I was 4 in 1990 (if I had a scanned picture I would post it). I was around this age but with longer hair- I will work on getting a picture to post.

While distance and age seperated us for most of my life (he was 45 and lived in California), I only have fond memories of his spirit, optimism and contageous personality. His wife and young daughter will truly have a void to fill, as will my aunt and uncle and cousins.

I hate that it always takes trageties like this to bring perspective to your life, but that is what this has done for me. You are never guaranteed another day or hour or minute. Especially in the times we live, nothing is certain. Everything you have can be taken from you. Nothing is guaranteed, so my challenge to myself is to live without abandon and remember who I have known that has not gotten to live as I do. To live in honor of all those who have been lost and those that have lost someone close to them too soon.

And to cherish the memories and be a friend to those who need cheering up.
Much love to the Koechlin's and all of the Walsh extended family. 

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