Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trot and Treats

Wishing all ya'll (and your families) a very Happy Thanksgiving!

The Walshes celebrated by running a Turkey Trot 10k (which was uncomfortable PR for me but a gorgeous morning!) around the University of Richmond and then proceeding to eat all calories burned (and more) in mostly desserts and liquor. Or maybe that was just me...

Happy smiles at the beginning of the race with my brother, Brian, and my friend's husband and brother.

Not so happy at the end (but determined)...damn hills!

The fam also engaged in a pretty hysterical, long poker match (involving many funny hypothetical dating questions and my oldest bro falling out of his chair), which I won but paid for by getting so drunk that I passed out after dinner for 1 hour. No one ever said afternoon tequila shots and wine were my strong suite. I blame my brothers.

This kicks off my absolute favorite time of year because of the celebrations with friends and family and the HAPPINESS all around! I hope you enjoy Black Friday and the rivalry football Saturday! Cue the Christmas music:)

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