Friday, December 14, 2012


A new item is on it's way to being crossed off my bucket list. That's right, ladies and gents, I registered for my first HALF MARATHON.

Thanks to some friends who will be running with me and the fact that it is the Virginia Beach Shamrock Half-Marathon, which is a flat, pretty run along the water (and guarantees me a weekend at the beach), I have finally signed up!

My running has been going very well lately with the cooler weather. I have kept up with long runs on the weekends (up to 7 miles so far) and two shorter runs (3-4 miles) during the week. I am going to continue training this way and up my mileage each week after the new year. I am also going to do a 15k at the end of January, which is about 9 miles, so that will be a good time to see how my progress is going. It also will be hillier run, so it will be a good determiner.

What I have really tried to focus on lately in my running is not my time, but how I feel when I am running and cutting myself some slack when I have off days. I find that when I go slower and really enjoy my surroundings, I overall have a much better run. Getting into a rhythm is so essential for me. So there is no time goal for this half, and if I have to walk a couple of times, that will be ok. It is about accomplishing a goal and making it a good experience regardless of the end time. The journey is greater than the result!

If you have any training tips, please let me know! My longest run ever was a 9 miler I did last winter, but I can do up to 7 miles without any training if I am feeling good:). I have one planned for tomorrow morning actually and am looking forward to it!
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