Thursday, January 17, 2013


On a totally different note from my previous post, I want to tell you why the past two days have been great!

1. While babysitting my favorite girls yesterday, they proceeded to sing "Down at the Boardwalk" (she is learning it in guitar class) in chipmunk voices. It was probably the best and most hysterical rendition of the song I have ever heard. Good skills, those ladies.

2. While also babysitting, I met a mom in the church, where one of the girls was in choir practice, who proceeded to tell me her dating stories (and I told her mine) and it put a lot of things in perspective. It was a very refreshing talk!

3. It stopped raining long enough yesterday for me to get in a fabulous 3.5 mile run. So refreshing after 4 days of rain (continuing today into snow)!

4. My friend sent me this amazing video at work:

5. I am part of a "Secret Buddy" program at work where we give each other treats, and I got this in my mailbox. I finally tried it today...OMG BEST DARK CHOCOLATE EVER.

And the forecasted snow tonight resulting in a delay or snow day tomorrow would really top this week off! Do your snow dance:)

**Not a great event today was having to spend over $700 on my car for new break pads/rotors and an ignition switch to pass state inspection, but, on a positive note, I did not cry or freak out. I will just be super lame for the next few weeks. This is why we save money...
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