Saturday, January 5, 2013

Training Post #1

Since my main new year's resolution/item to cross off my bucket list is my first half marathon, I thought it would be good to chronicle my training journey. The Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach is March 17th, so I have 10 weeks to train before the big day! I am not participating in any training group, but I will do some of my longer runs with my friend Jessica, who is also doing the race with me. My plan is to do my long runs on Saturday's and two 3-5 mile runs during the week with cross-training the other 1-2 days.

Today was my first long run after the new year. I ran Tuesday and Thursday this week, for 3 and 4 miles respectively, so I had not done a longer run since before Christmas, though I did keep up with my running for shorter distances during the holidays. My route today was 7.7 miles and was through (for those of you familiar with Richmond) Windsor Farms, an upper class neighborhood, Carytown, Byrd Park, and the fan. I felt pretty good during the run (I think my new running gear swag is contributing to my good runs this week!) but did have to walk for 2 minutes after mile 4 due to muscle soreness in my achilles (seems to be a routine place of discomfort for me). However, I completed the 7.7 mile run in 1:17.53, which I am very pleased with. I do not have any lingering soreness, despite some blisters (I need to remember to put band aids on before I leave) and feel good about an hour after finishing. I am planning on going 8-8.5 miles next weekend!

Kudos to all my running friends who are also training for various races this winter! And if you have any training tips, please let me know.
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