Sunday, January 13, 2013

Training Post #2

Wow, not much else must be going on in my life if the only thing I have to post about is my half-marathon training. But, alas, the beginning of January is never really too terribly exciting. Work has not been stellar since winter break, and my evenings have consisted of ticket sales, babysitting, meals/drinks with friends, football or sitting on my couch watching some kind of thrilling show. So there ya have it (though I did go to a fun bowling birthday party last night)!

Anyways, my training went very well this week. Due to my longer runs I am decreasing the amount of days I work out from 5-6 to 4-5, so I am actually working out less days but for more total time each week. I ran on Tuesday for 4.25 miles and on Thursday for 3.6 miles plus some walking change after I completed my goal. I actually slightly pulled my groin sprinting at the end of my Thursday run and it hurt quite a bit on Friday but was ok for my long run on Saturday. Saturday turned out to be a dreary, foggy run, but instead of planning my route, I just went where I felt like in the moment, which made it a fun run because I took roads/trails I don't always run. I ended up doing 8.5 miles in 1:25.25, so my pace was about the same as last week, but I did not have to walk at all. I also actually think I went further than 8.5 due to having to cross and re-cross streets and some trail parts, but that is harder to track on a map website than a GPS watch. I hope to do 9 next weekend with my friend, Jessica, who has an iPod mileage tracker, so I will have a more exact mileage.

And I LOVE my new running gear. I decided to include a picture of my favorite Reebok pants and shirt! My shirt is pink, but it has the sleeves you can wrap around your thumb when it's cold, and the pants are also my new favorite lounging pants, too!

I also look this cool and happy when I run...

Hopefully I will have inspiration for a non-running related post this week, but enjoy the Golden Globes in the mean time! I know I will:)
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