Thursday, February 14, 2013

Full of LOVE

I feel so full of love today. Love for life, my friends and family; full of optimism and believing in the good of people. It is perfect that this all has been accentuated by the fact that it is Valentine's Day! Days like today are always amusing in a high school, because students carry around balloons, candy and teddy bears like prized possessions (surely to the dismay of their single peers). Many coworkers of mine also got delivered flowers and chocolates, and Valentine's were put in mailboxes with special cupcakes for sale (thank you to my Secret Buddy for my Valentine basket)! It was a very festive day.

The ironic, yet funny, part of my day was that my coworker had to leave work before her boyfriend's flowers arrived. Since I live closest to her, I offered to take them home, and they spent the day on my desk! I felt very special and found it very ironic/funny having these flowers in my office and when taking them out to my car, which confused many friends who wondered who they were from (someone even excitedly walked into my office saying, "OMG who are those from??!!")! So thanks to my coworkers boyfriend, Shane, for my 5 minutes of feeling special:)! Obviously not what he intended.

On another wrote, I wrote about my true loves on Valentine's Day two years ago, and the statement still captures exactly how I feel about my amazing, loving friends:

My friends are magnificent people who touch the lives of many, including me. The good that they do for the world is immeasurable. I am lucky to know each and everyone of them. Because I think that true love, true soul mates, are those that grow up with you and stick by you. They are your partners in crime even when all the complexities and distances of life get in the way. They challenge you and their spirit stays with you. They are who you know at seven and seventy-seven; some for only a short while and some for your whole life; some to help you through one part and others to stand by you through it all. You may not live with them or know them forever, and you may not gaze into each other's eyes and share romantic moments and feelings (though that could be argued), but the love you have for your friends can often be the most intimate kind, because it is truly non-binding and without expectations: one done out of pure choice and love.

Friends are my constant, true Valentines! Much LOVE to you all!
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