Monday, February 18, 2013

Soccer Round 2!

I have been suckered into it coaching!

I was all good on my plan to do LESS this spring, and then I got guilt-tripped into co-coaching soccer with another teacher at school. We were given the option to coach last minute because no one else applied for the job, so we were able to make pretty strict rules about what we could commit to with the Athletic Director. I think it will actually be less time than when I was an assistant coach two years ago, and I have more control/power (ha!). I babysit every Wednesday, so I automatically cannot stay after those days, and me and the other coach both agreed no Friday practices. We also are tightening up the rules and practice times. Players cannot be late, unprepared, miss practice or have rides show up late and still be on the team. We will practice Monday, Tuesday and Thursday immediately after school from 2:30- 3:30 and Wednesdays from 3:00- 4:00. When I coached two years ago practice was from 2:30- 4:30, so these hours are MUCH better. Games start in mid-March and will be on Tuesday and Thursdays. There is also only a Varsity team, so our time at games is quick since we do not have to play a JV game. I am excited to get to know a new group of girls, because I genuinely liked my previous soccer girls, and it will be nice to have the chance to reshape and lead a program with a friend (who has coaching experience)! Tryouts are this Wednesday and Thursday, and I will miss both days due to previously scheduled engagements...

The hardest part is doing all this while still half-marathon training AND training for my summer job. I am going have to start exercising permanently in the mornings (which I have been doing more of and am actually growing to like...most days... (5:30 AM is just a gross hour to see)...), since I won't have time, and until the half-marathon, I will have to include a lot of running in the practices:) Luckily, endurance is important in soccer!

Come to some games if you live in the area! We usually play at 5 when we're home:)
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