Saturday, February 2, 2013

Training Posts #3, #4 & #5

I wanted to take a break from posting about my training EVERY week, because I know ya'll don't wanna hear about it all the time. I am very proud of myself for doing this half-marathon, but I also know that it is just part of who I am right now, so it shouldn't encompass all I have to say! And if you know me, you know I have a lot to say all the time:)

The week of January 13-19th, I only got one run in during the week due to the rain (literally a week with no sun and rain every day), but it was a fabulous run, and I was able to cross train on the other days I would have run. I went ahead with my long run on Saturday and did another week of an increase to tackle 9 miles! It went pretty well. I was definitely more fatigued in my muscles due to not training as much during the week, but I felt pretty good up until mile 7, when my legs proceeded to feel like jello! I walked for about a minute to regain some strength before finishing up the run and completed the 9 miles in 1:31.03. My 10 minute mile pace is pretty consistent whether I go 4 or 8 miles, so I feel good about that. No sore muscles this time because I had a nice meal within an hour after the run with good protien and carbs. I do think I need to strategically place Gatorade or some type of gel pack along my route once I go more than 6 miles, because I think that will help my muscle energy after running for over an hour (and it is recommended). I will do a loop on my next long run so I can place those things somewhere.

January 20-27th was a drop back week after three weeks of mileage increases. I tried to up my weekly total miles as opposed to my long run mileage but hit hiccups in that due to a busy schedule and weather issues (hello winter!). I ran 4 miles on Monday and 3 miles on Wednesday and, with some snow on the ground, did 4.25 on Saturday and 6.15 on Sunday. I averaged less than 10 minute miles on all of my runs that week, so that is good news. Hopefully my speed with stay consistent on longer runs.

This past week was the beginning of double digit long runs! I cross trained on Monday, did a little over 4 miles on Tuesday and ran 3 in the dark on Wednesday (it was very warm and breezy Tuesday and Wednesday this week- in the 70's!). I took off Thursday and Friday to gear up for Saturday and did some good carb loading Friday night:)! I got to run with my friend Jessica and, it was VERY cold (20-25 degrees...actually felt great once we got going), but I did 10.15 miles in 1:43.03! I felt GREAT and contribute part of that to a better, slower pace from my friend and a strategic Gatorade stop at about mile 8 (we looped back to my place where we left out drinks), which helped my last few miles. I am feeling very good about the half now because we both agreed that we could have kept going for another 3 miles, even though we were glad we didn't have to:)

I am looking forward to a "rest" week before I tackle 10 miles again in 2 weeks and the 12-miler run in 3 weeks!
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