Sunday, February 24, 2013

Training Posts: February!

I figured I would just lump the whole month into one post:) You're welcome!

**Also, for those that have asked, I do lift weights and work on my abs in addition to running/cardio. I alternate a 5 minute ab routine with a 5 minute arm routine every other day, mainly using my own body as resistance. Luckily, I have weight trained for 10+ years, so it is just about maintaining for me now. I typically do this in the morning as I am getting ready for work.

Feb 4th-10th (drop back week):
- Monday: 4.7 miles right at dusk- beautiful and perfect chilly temperature!
- Tuesday: 3.1 miles in my parent's neighborhood between work and working a basketball game. OUCH BLISTERS! I need to take away a run this week to let them heal and get those fancy $$$ band aids.
- Thursday: Cross training before work! Helllllllo 5:30 AM...gross.
- Friday: 6 miles in 60:40...BAD BLISTERS! I did not protect my skin enough for this long run.
- Saturday: 30 minute elliptical to save my feet...still ouch:(

Feb 11th-17th:
*The week of the blister healing...seriously, if you had told me I would be sidelined by BLISTERS and not actual ligament/tendon/muscle injury, I would have laughed at you. But these blisters were no joke- the inner arch on my right foot had about a 3 inch circle of open wounds. I learned about moleskin, double layer wright socks that are like $9 a pair (ridiculous), my severe over-pronation that causes my arch to rub from my foot hitting outer-inner when I run, and why running more than 6 miles is just dumb. But I digress...I tried to keep my cardio high and do exercises that didn't bother my blister healing. ANDDDDD, I forked over the money for new shoes:(

- Monday: 30 minute elliptical at 5:40 AM and 2.5 mile afternoon walk
- Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical at 5:40 AM and 2.5 mile afternoon walk
- Wednesday: 30 minute elliptical after work
- Thursday: 3.1 mile run as the sun rose! Beautiful, and my feet felt great!
- Friday: Spring-like 4.5 mile run in 42.50. Good time, and shoes are getting broken in!
- Saturday: 5.1 mile run- feeling back to normal:)

Feb 18th- 24th (longest run week!!):
- Monday: 8.3 miles in 1:23.13! Felt great and ran with my friend, Jess! Yay days off work!
- Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical and swimming. Super tired today.
- Wednesday: 4 mile run
- Thursday: 30 minute elliptical and swimming
- Saturday: 35 minute elliptical
- Sunday: 12 miles in 2:00.10! Tough run after mile 9 but longest until race day! Wooo!

**The next two weeks will be drop back weeks, with me going 8 miles this Saturday and 6 miles the Saturday before the race. I will keep doing shorter runs throughout the weeks, but I am going to still have to watch out for my blisters as the 12 mile run aggravated them again! Hopefully I will figure out a full-proof solution before race day. Wish me luck:)
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