Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24th

I wouldn't believe it or remember it if I didn't post it, but this is what it is doing outside right now in Richmond, Virginia:


On March 24th...This weather is crazy, but I can hope for a snow day even though we are almost at spring break, right? I am fighting a cold, so I would enjoy any day off to sleep and rest before my big trip at the end of this week!

Oh, and to further point out what an odd eater I am (especially when not feeling well), today I ate lunch for breakfast (peanut butter banana sandwich), breakfast for lunch (waffles and oatmeal), popcorn in the middle of the day (because why not while packing?), and COLD spinach tortellini straight from the packet for dinner (it was pre-cooked but supposed to be cooked again before you eat it...oh well). Seems my body is craving carbs today?! Hey, at least I ran and did a lot of cleaning...and napped, so I am thinking I am ending the day in the "winning" column.

Do your snow day dance for tomorrow for me, and hopefully, see ya soon, Spring!

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