Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring? Weekend

I hope you enjoyed your spring forward this morning more than I did! I HATE time changes, especially this one because now it will be dark in the mornings until after I get to work. I do not like working out and getting dressed when it is still dark outside:(

This is the first weekend, though, that I feel like spring is coming! There is change in the air. It may be that it got into the 60's (!) this weekend, and even though I know it is still going to be cold for the next few weeks, the birds are chirping, the sky looks clearer and I can just feel it coming. And it's going to be amazing.

After work on Friday I had an appointment (more on that later), but then I went to happy hour with an old coworker and her friend, and we enjoyed Bellini's (our nod to warm weather thinking), food and dessert. It was the perfect way to end the work week! I capped off my fabulous evening by catching up on some TV shows I missed this week ("Glee" and "The Rachel Zoe Project") and was in bed by 11! Love it!

Yesterday I did my last long run (8 miles) in the morning and then my friend Nicole came over (I hadn't seen her since July and she is now 5 months pregnant!), and we took a nice 1 mile walk to lunch down the street. It was great catching up and seeing her! The funny thing about friends getting married is you see them so much before the wedding for all the festivities, but afterwards your lives get back to normal and you don't have as many reasons to see each other, especially when you don't live in the same town. Life also gets in the way, so even your best intentions to catch up and visit get sidelined. So, of course, as of 1 hour into our lunch yesterday, Nicole and I already made plans for me to visit her in May before the baby comes for a last "girls weekend" at the beach! It was a lovely lunch, and I wish I had a pic because she is sporting a cute baby bump! She is my first close friend to be having a baby, so this is a big event for both of us:)!

I finished off my afternoon hanging out at my condo (napping, finishing a book and watching "Gilmore Girls" on SOAPnet- one of my fav Saturday afternoon activities), and after dinner I got to take my bi-monthly/sometimes weekly trip to Barnes & Nobles for magazine reading. LOVE IT. I seriously think I need to meet my future husband at a book store because they are my happy place. Afterwards I saw "Playing for Keeps" back at home, set all my clocks ahead for today, and went to bed who knows when since I had already set my clocks but the time change hadn't officially happened yet (see a pattern in how much I love sleeping?).

Today (whattimeisitreally?!) I got up early due to my alarm (I start day 1 of daylight savings on the "new" time or else it will catch up with me tomorrow), and washed my bed sheets, made dinner for two nights this week that are now in Tupperware in my fridge (lots of carbs this week!), boiled eggs for my lunches, vacuumed and ran the dishwasher all before 10:15 when my friend and I went for a walk. I love productive mornings!

Now I can chill for the rest of the day being lazy until the long workweek begins. BUT I do have a big weekend to look forward to! Side note: I admit I am becoming slight obsessed with running, but I also love blogging and have found GREAT running blogs if you are interested in checking out some new ones on the right of this page! They can make a slow workday go by a little faster.

Spring, I am ready!
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