Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thoughts on a Tuesday

This has been a long week (and it's only Tuesday!), and here are some things that have been on my mind.

I am always very optimistic on Monday mornings. New week, fresh start! This motivation and positive outlook deteriorates as the week (and day) goes on, but for that one morning, I enjoy how good life seems.

I am also most productive from about 6 am until lunch (hence why I have started consistent morning workouts). It seems that after lunch I get tired and groggy (this is the point in the day when I need coffee!) and crave a nap around 3-4 PM. Even on weekends, I now like getting up early to get things done before obligations kick in! This does affect my ability to stay up late, but who am I kidding, I never stayed up late even when I could sleep in an extra 40 minutes before work:).

I would love a personal stylist. Just someone to take me shopping one time, pick out all the stuff that would look good on me and essentially get me to wear something other than jeans on weekends and dress pants during the week (and dresses in the spring/summer). My cousin Cara does this as her job, and I need to hire her for myself! I fully believe that how good you look has more to do with how you dress than how much you weigh.

You know that huge rush you get after you finish a really amazing long run or really tough workout? You’re all energized and proud of yourself and you’re just like, “Yup, I’ve just nailed this day. Boom.” That’s how I feel after my laundry is done, folded and put away.

I have never been so busy that I have forgotten to eat. Those people who are like, “OMG, was so busy today, totally forgot to have lunch!” Yeah, I don’t relate to those people. In my entire life, I have never missed a meal.

I love eating frozen waffles. It's weird, I know, but oh so good!

Speaking of food, I also am obsessed with Trader Joe's Puffed Wheat Cereal. It is so good and is low in sugar AND calories. It also is only made with two ingredients, so I know Michael Pollon would approve, too.

Moving on from all my food thoughts (apparently that's where my mind is these days) I really hope the most recent Bachelor Sean and his new fiance, Catherine, work out. I need to believe in this show to justify wasting so much time watching it twice a year! 

I am becoming a mean coach. Since I push myself when I work out, I expect my team to do the same when we have practice. So much for being a nice, lenient coach! Earlier this week, the girls didn't bring what we told them to bring to practice, so we punished them by making them run a lot. Robyn the counselor when coaching? Nope! I would have hated myself as a teenager. We have our first game on Thursday, though, so we'll see if it pays off!

I AM SO READY FOR A VACATION! Spain in 15 days!

I also hate daylight savings. Maybe this is why it has felt like a slow week?

Here's to hoping the week speeds up, I can go to bed before 10PM tonight (darn you Revenge and The Bachelor for keeping me up too late), and that the rain stays away until after I cross the finish line on Sunday!
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