Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I'm having a really hard time composing this post to truly capture the feelings I have regarding the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Being a runner, a friend of runners and a sister, daughter, cousin, and niece of runners, this hits very close to home. An event that is so innocent and so much about overcoming obstacles, and doing something that is so ingrained as one of the simplest freedoms we have, should be a celebration and not a tragedy. And the fact that the determination and accomplishment of the runners cannot be celebrated in the way they deserve is saddening.

I heard about the news on my way to dinner over the radio. It wasn't until I got home and read more about it that it truly hit me. I sat on my couch crying over what, whoever did this, has taken from me. The safety and security I feel when I run races, just like I did  this past weekend, will never be the same. I will keep running, in fact I am more determined now than ever before, but I will do it with different purpose. I will run for what we are losing in America and around the world. I will run for those who can't or don't think they can. I will run for people whose lives have been lost too soon for whatever reason.

I will run because I can.

I spoke a few years ago about how running has become my form of religion. It is where I do my deepest thinking and examination of my life and goals. For someone to bomb a marathon is like them bombing my church. It is a place of safety, challenges, communication and reflection. To tamper with something like that is a sign to me of how scary this world is becoming. How no one is safe anywhere. Not at work, school, the movies or walking around public streets. It makes me reexamine my life goals and my outlook. Nothing is guaranteed.

So while I won't go around being scared every time I leave my house, I will take this tragedy, like I do when anything bad happens, and use it to steer me in a direction of fulfillment. No one is owed anything in this world, so you have to make the most of your life every single day.

I hope you run today (or sometime soon) for Boston and that you help the healing effort in any way you can.

I will keep running.
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