Monday, April 22, 2013

Mo' Money

I was watching a commercial the other day about a fancy sleepmaster mattress and it got me thinking about what I would spend my money on if I made, let's say, $15,000 more a year than I do currently (Why $15,000? Well, I wanna make it enough so I would really notice a big difference in my monthly take home income).

Now, I am very good with money. I have spoken before about starting up a Roth IRA, which I maximize each year, and I automatically save a certain amount of money every month. I also have a specific savings for traveling, so I live on much less than what I make but by choice. I am always budget conscious, so I know each month where my money is going before the month even begins (thanks to and a notebook I keep on my expenses by week). Needless to say, I am not throwing my money away on non-necessities because I LOVE to save money. Whether it will go towards a car, a house or just a rainy day fund, I like knowing I have money if I need it. I think KNOWING I have it is even more fun than SPENDING it. Weird, I know!

Therefore, while I do leave money for enjoyment, I am not going to Starbucks every day, eating out for every meal, going to movies or concerts all the time or going crazy at the mall each week. But here are things I would spend more money on, if I made a little more:
  • Organic Produce
  • Prepared food from Whole Foods so I wouldn't have to cook and could get more nutrients than frozen meals.
  • Travel. I travel frequently as it is, but maybe I would do a few more long weekend trips with a little extra cash!
  • Register for more races. Those torturous runs are expensive!
  • Buy a new car. I may do this anyways, but I DEFINITELY would if I had more $$.
  • Starbucks more than once a week. Maybe twice?!
  • Quality clothes. I always look for deals, so it would be nice to buy what I want as opposed to what I can afford.
  • Heating & Cooling. Turn those suckers up!
  • Spray tans!
  • Quality makeup & facial products
  • More haircuts (and maybe some highlights)
  • Nicer rugs and home furnishings
  • Egyptian cotton sheets
Things that wouldn't change:
  • Eating out. I am not a big believer in spending a lot of money at restaurants. It's a waste and unhealthy.
  • Savings. I already save plenty (hence why I live on a tighter budget than I need to), so I wouldn't change much more of how much I put away. Maybe add an extra $100/month.
  • Where I live. I think I live in the perfect amount of space and in a perfect location for my life now. I don't want to buy a bigger house just to. I like knowing what I have and not having as much to clean:)!
So I think my life wouldn't be much better or change much, but perhaps would be a little more convenient or healthy.

Would you live much differently with more money?
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