Sunday, May 5, 2013

Carytown 10k and some other things...

This was a very full and fun weekend! I tend to think my weekends will be busier than they are and I won't have any time to relax, but I was pleasantly surprised that I had time for myself this weekend in addition to all the fun activities! Welcome to my unnecessary anxiety:).

Friday afternoon I was able to get all my grocery shopping done and pick up my race packet for the Carytown 10k after work. I also met a friend for coffee and got in a great, cool evening run! I love running when it is chilly (50's-60's) and the sun is setting. It was nice to get out on an evening when I typically don't have time to run. I was even able to catch up on my shows Friday night that I had missed due to a busy week! Oh how Friday nights have changed since college....

On Saturday morning my mom and I walked the "Discover Richmond" course that was a 10k walk through the historical sites of the city. It ended up being very chilly, but I ran into old friends and people I knew, and the course was beautiful! It amazes me how I have lived in Richmond for almost 20 years but still discover new places or places I don't remember seeing:) Afterwards, I hung out at my condo cleaning, organizing (Goodwill donations!) and getting ready for the wedding of Kristina & Dave! Kristina is a sorority sister who I lived with my 4th year at UVA. Her and Dave are as cute as they can be, and I was excited to attend their wedding. They got married at Stratford Hall in Tappahannock, Virginia (about an hour and a half north east of Richmond) at Robert E. Lee's birthplace! It was a beautiful day and I carpooled with two friends, so driving to and from the wedding wasn't bad. The setting was beautiful, and though it was chilly for my tastes, we had a nice time and got back to Richmond before midnight!

Kristina and her dad- he was telling jokes to her the whole way down!

Wedding Party


Alpha Chi Omega girls

The Table!

Steph- who I don't see enough anymore!

This morning I ran the Carytown 10k. I was a little crazy when I registered for this race knowing it would be the morning after an out of town wedding, but it (literally) runs right by my place and is one of the last races I can do before it gets too hot for my liking, so I had to do it! I have been running consistently but have not done many longer distances lately, so I did not think I would do very well. As luck would have it (or maybe all those wedding cookies?!) I actually PR'ed by over a minute! I broke my previous 10k record of 55.34 with 54.23! I knew by mile 4 that I would PR, so I tried to enjoy the race. I can never quite figure out why some races are better than others, but everything clicked this morning and any discomfort I had I was able to push through, which is not always the case. I also think the fact that it was chilly and cloudy made me feel better- I definitely run better in cooler temperatures. This is my last race until fall, so I think I went out on a good note!

After the race, I attended a baby shower for my friend's brother and had a nice time catching up with old friends and neighborhood parents. The nice thing about living in the town I grew up in is running into people I know all the time and being able to catch up! I definitely take it for granted sometime!

Hope you had a great weekend! Seven more weeks until summer vacation:)
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