Friday, May 10, 2013

No explanation necessary

Do I always have to have a reason to post something? Because the above picture is just too good not to. I'm sorry, but cats are amazing creatures.

I just went on my last run (tear) for two weeks! I did 4.1 miles at a good pace, especially considering the hot weather in Virginia today. You know I don't like running in heat, so an 80 degree run is pushing it! But I felt good. I will do a shake out elliptical workout tomorrow morning before heading to the beach to visit a friend and that will be it for two weeks. Think I can make it? I'm not so sure!

However, I did get to finish the book I am reading by the pool as I cooled off after my run. I love the evenings this time of year because you get chilly but not cold when the sun goes down, so it is enjoyable being outside. If you are interested at all in television networks and why they make the choices they do in terms of what shows get on air and what the process is like, you should read "Desperate Networks!" Or maybe I am a nerd who really likes all that stuff (remember my Nielsen Ratings post?).

A funny cat picture, running updates and a book recommendation- what more can you want from a blog post? 
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