Thursday, May 30, 2013

No Way, May! Recap

So when I went about this whole 'take-two-weeks-off-from-running' business, I had no idea that it would actually turn into three weeks. Due to unforeseen circumstances- not feeling well and the pool opening (which I am managing this summer), causing me to go from work at school directly to work at the pool- I went one week longer than anticipated. And, I tell, ya, it got HARD. I missed the feeling of a run and really working up a good sweat (before it got too hot, anyway). The walking was fine, and I even enjoyed it at first, but walking 3-4 miles takes a long time. It takes about 1.5 times longer it takes to run that far. So while I saved on showers and laundry, I did not necessarily save on time. I was able to add some elliptical workouts in, but they are not the same as a good run.

Cardiovascularly, I have no idea what running will be like when I start again. I am sure it will take me 2-3 weeks to get back to my peak, but perhaps the walking/elliptical has kept my muscles stronger than I realize. I did not gain any weight during this time off, and actually lost some (go figure, right?), but I am sure my muscles have shrunk a bit.

All in all, it wasn't as bad as I realized and I felt fine mentally, but my body did continue to crave a tough workout, so I never felt physically as good as I do when I run. However, I do think I will run less during the summer and incorporate more walks into my weekly miles. I do believe that less is more and I have some big plans for races in the fall (and maybe a few hot ones this summer)!

And one more Prom pic a coworker took from last weekend:)

Until June (I can't believe it's here again)!!!!
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