Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One Ends, One Begins

I have not talked much about coaching soccer this spring, but the season officially ended Tuesday! We have been in season since February, played 12 games (I think), lost all of them (I know), and practiced 2-3 times a week with Friday's off (I have my priorities). The season overall was good, partly because the girls were such a great group, but also because my co-coach and I split up the duties well so if one of us couldn't do a game or practice the other one had it covered. We obviously weren't the most talented team, but we were very young (6 of the 13 girls were freshman and we didn't have enough for a JV so everyone made Varsity), and the girls had an upbeat attitude despite some tough games. I don't know how effective I was as a coach considering many skills we worked at ALL SEASON still were not mastered at the end, but I enjoyed getting to know a new group of girls. I think that is the best part of coaching- forming a close relationship with students I otherwise wouldn't have met. Hopefully if I coach again next year I will be able to get the word out earlier to get more girls to try out. Conditioning will also be essential. But I will need another co-coach as awesome as my one this year, since she is leaving:(.

You would think with soccer ending I would now have all this time on my hands, but instead my summer job starts up next week! My pool has it's first meeting this Sunday to gear up for the opening next Friday. I am not quite ready to think about starting another job so soon after one ended, but this will only be tough for about 4 weeks until I am done with work. I will probably be working a few 3-8 PM after work shifts and weekend hours while the other two managers cover the rest of the days. I will have more information on this this weekend. I am hoping this ends up being a fun way to spend summer and not an added stress or frustration to work out with my busy wedding schedule.

And I have made it to day 5 (almost) of no running! The walking has surprisingly been great and now that the temperatures are heating up, it is nice to not have to overheat myself on a run! I have had some moments of realllllly wanting to lace up my sneakers, but I have also done many walks with friends and have more lined up for tomorrow and this weekend! It's nice to turn my exercise time into social hour! Though something ends, it doesn't mean something new and fun doesn't begin:)
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