Sunday, June 30, 2013

Numero Tres

Wedding #3 came and went and was a success! This wedding was for a friend of mine that I met in grad school, who is also a high school counselor in Chesterfield (she sadly works at a different school than me). We also lived together for one year after grad school- our first years as educators! My cat Romo was semi-obsessed with her bed (not that I was jealous or anything). I still see her frequently, as her and her hubby are very social and our friend circles overlap (especially since he is a cop and I now know a lot of cop wives- go figure!), so even though we are no longer bathroom-mates, I am excited to see them grow in their lives together! They have dated since high school- wow! Put a ring on it already, right?

Feeling perky after 2 popsicles each after the ceremony:) Best. Idea. Ever.
Cocktail hour!
The Mahone's
Beautiful friends.
"The National" table with the beautiful bride!
Groom- Chris! He is a cop so don't mess with me now. We roll deep.
Beautiful couple inside and out!
I love food.
Former "Treble in RVA City" Members! Let's sing.
They discovered they were both Sigma Kappas. Sisterhood rules.
McDonald's at the end of the reception!

The wedding was very fun- full of friends, food, drinks and dancing! My favorite touch was varying flavors of popsicles in the lobby of the church after the ceremony to tide us over until the reception (from a local cart business)! YUM! Congrats to the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuti! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Intuitive Eating?

Since summer is a time where I can't really work on making running strides due to the heat and humidity (I have been consistent in my morning runs, but my distance is typically only 3-4 miles), I am going to work on "intuitive eating." I follow a lot of running blogs that talk about how they don't monitor so much what they eat in terms of calories and fat but more so listen to their bodies and stay in tune with what their stomachs are telling them. The main premise is you eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full regardless of what you are eating. Sounds so easy right? The hard part is re-learning when you are actually hungry and what a normal amount of fullness feels like. I thought this seemed like a good idea to practice in the summer since I am more active during this time of the year and since my cravings and food needs change with the heat and my activity level. This also as a way to to get more in tune with myself. Since there are more weddings, vacations and cookouts in the summer, eating healthy is not always easy, so if I challenge myself to listen to what my body is telling me, I should make better decisions.

Spaghetti squash with shrimp and spinach. Yum. I had this while visiting my friend Sarah in D.C. on Monday night.
I am hoping this intuitive eating will help me cook more and make meals based on what I want to eat and not necessarily what I have (thankfully, I have time in the summer to go to the grocery store daily...we'll see if that actually happens). I work many evenings at the pool, but I have the options of healthy salads and vegetables there if I can keep myself away from the fries! As for vacations- I am hoping to be able to cook while at the beach and listen to my body while I go out to eat.

So we shall see how this goes! And I promise it is legit- there are books about this method! Maybe if I get the hang of it I won't eat like I am a third world country starving child at weddings...perhaps only a child who hasn't eaten much that day:).

In the meantime, I will be at the pool getting rid of my lifeguard tan lines or watching "Boy Meets World" from 7-10 am every morning on ABC Family:) Summer break, anyone?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer (Weekends) Weddings

My wedding season is officially going full steam ahead! Last night was wedding number 2 of 9 I am attending this season (not counting 2 I will not be able to attend due to travel issues and another wedding on the same day)!  Sad:(!

I started off the weekend with a cookout at a friend's house celebrating the newest member of her family- baby dog Stewart (who loves me). And, yes, this is his full size. Buy me one now.

I love lap dogs almost as much as I love cats. Almost.

Friends and their pooches (with my awkward feet).

On Saturday after a day of pool managing and increasing my awesome lifeguard tan lines (but a tan nonetheless), we battled rain showers at the outdoor ceremony of my sorority sister, Sarah, and her now hubby, Simon! I did not take very many pictures because my friend Jess is the officially legit photographer, but I got some cute ones with some Alpha Chi's!

Bride and Groom exchanging vows in between rain showers.

Jess! It was a little humid.
My love Cate:)
Some former housemates.

The food was amazing. I don't know why I keep trying to get myself to eat reasonable amounts at weddings. I go in with the best intentions but then there is cheese! and dates! and crackers! and spinach pot pies! and cake! and gelato! and I cannot say no! I love food. And dancing. The dancing was amazing, too.

I wish someone had a full length shot of my dress because I felt like 'Alice in Wonderland' with my poofy dress. One of my friends told me I looked like a precious, Betty Boop, baby doll! Haha. I will take it as a compliment. Though I was definitely feeling tightness in the tummy after all my eating:) Good thing I had 5 GREAT runs this week! The humidity has been down, so I was able to get a 5 and 6 miler in this week amongst my normal 3.1 quickies. Next week is not looking as promising.

Next week I am on to wedding #3!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The End

The student's last day was last Thursday (technically Friday if they needed to make-up an exam) and my last day is tomorrow. I get blessed with an extra 4 day week to clean up course requests and scheduling for next year. I also get the pleasure of calling parents about summer school if students failed classes.

I feel as excited as this kid.

I have been mentally checked out of this school year for about a month now, but especially in the last few weeks. It is hard to believe that I am finishing my 3rd year as a school counselor, but yet sometimes it feels longer! I guess that is how it is with most things.

Next year is promising to be full of changes, many within my school as a whole, but also within my department and potentially with me. I have some opportunities that I should know about soon. It makes the end of this year, while frustrating, also bittersweet and full of the unknown. I feel I will reflect better once I am further away from the year ending, so get ready for that post:). For now, I bid adieu to the 2012-2013 school year. It has been a year of challenges, fun, successes, failures and growth, as is every year in education!

Happy Summer!!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Today, at 10:52 PM, I officially turn 27!

It has been a great birthday. I spent the weekend in Charlottesville at my UVA 5 year reunion with WONDERFUL friends from college. It was almost perfect (besides not being the nicest/most coherent person at 2 AM), and I got my fair share of UVA and Charlottesville-ness in terms of food, drinks, bars, friends and sites! I am already looking forward to my 10 year reunion! I think this will easily top any of my high school reunions- UVA knows how to do it right and it is much more fun to re-live college than re-live high school. I certainly felt like no time had passed and was back in my element.

To cap off a great weekend, I also got to spend today, not only celebrating myself with coworkers, friends, family and even MORE food, but the MBK class of 2013! It is always nice to see my seniors graduate, and this class was special since it was my FIRST group of students on my caseload when I started three years ago.

I figured it would be nice to document my feelings about turning 27, but the truth is that I am not feeling much of anything this birthday in terms of "oh my god I am getting old" or "this year will absolutely rock!" (a la turning 21). I am very content in my life currently and am excited for a lot of things that are coming up, so I think 27 will be a good year for me. Age is all about how you feel and not the actual age you are. I probably feel better at 27 than I did at 22 or 24...and definitely better than I ever did in my teens (those just weren't my best years).

So on this day, June 10, 2013, I wish myself another year of growth, fun, happiness, letting loose, and overcoming some challenges! I also hope to cross a few more items off my bucket list (I exed off 7 of 53 this year)! I guess I am not in my upper-twenties anymore, so I gotta make the last few years of the decade even better than the first!

Love to all my amazing friends and family! You all make going through this crazy life worth it!:)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Recent Thoughts

Thoughts from the first few days of June:
  1. Many rich people do not feel the need to throw away trash or put away their things as much as non-rich people. My neighborhood pool growing up had less trash on the pool deck than the country club I am managing.
  2. The heat sucks to run in. I want my cold, dark days and Under Armour back.
  3. When it stays light later, no matter how tired I am, I cannot go to bed until it is dark. However, I still wake up when the sun rises. So less sleep is happening. I am counting the days until June 21st.
  4. Tan lines from a lifeguarding bathing suit are just as annoying as they were in high school.
  5. Speaking of lifeguard suits, I look 16-years-old in mine, which doesn't make my managing credibility look good. Puberty- where did you go?
  6. I still want to be friends with teenagers or college kids I work with. Remember this? I have issues.
  7. I am now the teacher that students want to write in their yearbook. It honestly makes me feel special and that I am making a difference with these kids. I now know how my teachers felt when I asked them to write in mine!
  8. When I think about birthdays and all the fun things you can do on them, all I want to do is go out to eat and get a ridiculously unhealthy delicious dessert. Hey, I'm easy to please!
  9. I am having a sense of reading deja vu, as in, I know I have read the book I am currently reading before, but I still have no idea what is going to happen. So every time I get to a new part, it is like I have experienced it before but still a surprise! (And I am in a crazy reading mood. Like, 600 page book-a-week mood).
  10. I am really excited for reunions at UVA this weekend and seeing so many of my college friends! It will be so nice to be back in good ol' Cville reliving my college days. I already am planning on needing copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake late! Should be a good time:)

Oh, and it's National Running Day! So whether you normally run or are looking for a way to get fit and enjoy the outdoors, go for a run today! I did mine before work as the sun was coming up and there were lots of runners out:).