Sunday, June 30, 2013

Numero Tres

Wedding #3 came and went and was a success! This wedding was for a friend of mine that I met in grad school, who is also a high school counselor in Chesterfield (she sadly works at a different school than me). We also lived together for one year after grad school- our first years as educators! My cat Romo was semi-obsessed with her bed (not that I was jealous or anything). I still see her frequently, as her and her hubby are very social and our friend circles overlap (especially since he is a cop and I now know a lot of cop wives- go figure!), so even though we are no longer bathroom-mates, I am excited to see them grow in their lives together! They have dated since high school- wow! Put a ring on it already, right?

Feeling perky after 2 popsicles each after the ceremony:) Best. Idea. Ever.
Cocktail hour!
The Mahone's
Beautiful friends.
"The National" table with the beautiful bride!
Groom- Chris! He is a cop so don't mess with me now. We roll deep.
Beautiful couple inside and out!
I love food.
Former "Treble in RVA City" Members! Let's sing.
They discovered they were both Sigma Kappas. Sisterhood rules.
McDonald's at the end of the reception!

The wedding was very fun- full of friends, food, drinks and dancing! My favorite touch was varying flavors of popsicles in the lobby of the church after the ceremony to tide us over until the reception (from a local cart business)! YUM! Congrats to the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuti! 
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