Friday, July 5, 2013

'Lazy' for Two Years

I have been a 'lazy' vegetarian for two years now!

What does that even mean?!

That means that, while I do not cook or purchase meat for myself, I still will eat seafood or even chicken/small amounts of beef if I am served it while out if there are no other options (think dinner at people's houses or parties). This probably happens once every two months or so. Luckily, my stomach has not had any adverse reactions to any meat I have occasionally consumed. I also have only been sick a very minimal amount since going vegetarian- I think consuming less hormones is a big part of that (and my increased vegetable intake). I like that I am not so strict and limiting with myself that I can still have meat if I am craving it or in a situation where it is the only option- that way I can listen to my body and ease any cravings (though I think in two years I probably have only craved chicken or turkey a very few times and when I did it was mostly due to the sauce the meat was in)! Some vegetarians probably don't agree with my philosophy, but it works for me and that is what matters. I feel I am still doing my part.

Here's to many more years of the same!
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