Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacation Life is Great!

The past week and a half has been, overall, perfect. A perfect trip to NYC followed by a perfect trip to Duck (Outer Banks in North Carolina). I love traveling. I know I talk about it all the time and you are probably sick of hearing about it, but I do. It brings me to life. Even though annoyances undoubtedly happen during any trip, the overall feeling and experience I get from any out of town journey is the fuel I need for my life. It is like a really good tune up- it keeps me going with renewed energy. I wouldn't trade my cheap-o day to day life, saving anywhere possible, to not be able to travel. Ever. $1 pizzas from Kroger FOR LIFE.

Here is a photo tutorial of my trips...

Bachelorette wedding-dress-made-out-of-paper-towel shenanigans.

Me and the beautiful bride-to-be!

Meatpacking District in NYC!
Beer Garden!

Jess and Brandy- AXO's!

Hottt (literally).


View of the Hudson from a boat bar/restaurant.

I love NYC:) Even in a heat wave.

Ready to go out!

Me and Marin!

Enjoying our Mexican all you can eat and drink dinner!

Cheers! We love Margaritas:)

Taking a break from dancing!

Our Australian friends!

FREE table and drinks:)

Best photo sequence ever.

A really good song came on...


Duck sunset!

Papa and I

Beach dunes before a storm.

Our neighborhood.

Me running up our street- yes, I run on vacation. Gotta burn off all that extra food/drinks:)

Our house! Mallard Cottage Too.

Joe napping with baby Andrew:)
Baby stealer!


My usual position at the beach!

Me and Nicole!

Our set-up.

Last night.


The parental unit.

Marg and I
View from dinner.

Tan, full and happy!

Post-vacation depression has already set in, but I have a busy few days with pool work, so hopefully I will get back in the groove! Only two weeks until my next trip!

Oh, and for those who keep looking at my "2013 in Books" list, I read 5 books in 10 days on vacation. Not my best effort, but hence why my list is getting out of control. Please message me any reading suggestions!! I am running out of books.
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