Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Hate Going to the Doctor

Ugh. It's been a not-so-fun past 48 hours!

I have been getting not-so-fun cuts on my legs do to improper shaving (I won't go into details) while I was traveling. And me, being the 5-year-old that I am, just kept messing with my cuts until they became inflamed and, worse, infected!!!

I have NEVER in my 27 years had an infected cut until the past two weeks. While at the beach, I had a pretty nasty swollen cut on my leg (that was probably infected), but it ended up healing pretty well after a few days. In the meantime, I also got an eye stye and many more little cuts all over my leg, including blisters that popped up when I woke up every morning. However, the most recent cut that lead me to finally get treatment did not start to heal after three days of it's inception and resulted in my whole lower leg being swollen and red, but it still took me being convinced by three of my friends (apologies to my mom who told me to leave my cuts alone and go to the doctor a long time ago) while at the pool yesterday to actually go to Patient First and get some medicine.

See, I hate going to the doctor. I love the dentist (that is like my social hour because the dentist and my hygienist are super fun to chat with, and I don't have too many dental issues), but the doctor is a whole 'nother story. First off, I can never get an appointment when I want to (and even if I can, I end up waiting a long time), so it always takes too long to get in, and they are always so rushed when I go there. Half the time I make an appointment to go the issue I am having is gone by the time I can get in! I had an especially bad experience with a dermatologist about a year ago who was just typing into a little computer the whole appointment and barely looking at me or letting me explain what was going on. I always feel they rush to diagnose you or make your symptoms seem not a big deal. I actually prefer going to my gyno over my general practitioner, because they are usually on time and really listen to my concerns. I also hate the copay fees and the money you fork over to medications because usually it ends up being more than I expect (Me: Hi, my name is Robyn and I am cheap... You: Hi, Robyn).

Surprisingly, I had a great time at Patient First yesterday. The wait time was low and the doctor was funny. He really took the time to chat with me and take care of my wound. I also got really cheap meds ($8 for TWO antibiotics) and the copay was smaller than expected as long as I don't get a bill from my insurance in the next few weeks which I probably will...

And I learned my lesson to leave my cuts alone....maybe. We'll see how long until these antibiotics kick in!

UPDATE: It was Staph. Yup, I had it for about 2 weeks before I finally got treatment. Thank goodness my leg was not cut off.
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