Monday, August 19, 2013

Nate & Sarah

(In case you were wondering, I survived my first day back at work. I think all the drinking/eating/partying this weekend helped me feel like a "productive" day was good).

My brother, Nate, and his new wife, Sarah, had a very successful wedding celebration this weekend! My mom, dad and I went up on Wednesday to help out, did some outlet shopping and more setting up on Thursday, and on Friday once more family came in went to the Air and Space Museum (awesome), caught up with family, and started the party!

This was an unconventional wedding weekend- my brother and his wife had already been married in July at the courthouse in VA and said their vows to each other on top of a Swiss Alp in Switzerland (not romantic at all), so they wanted this weekend to be all about celebrating with friends and family. It was! It involved a dinner with the immediate family on Friday night, followed by an evening mingling at a bar, an all day party at their vineyard on Saturday and a brunch on Sunday. The weather was PERFECT (low humidity and sunny...ridiculous for August) so all the outdoor activities went as planned.

Me and Grandmom Sally!

The ladies on Mom's birthday.
Before the Saturday festivities- taken by my Aunt Kathy!

Brian and Abbie

Cousins Mark and Mary

The youngest Walsh cousin out of 21 grandkids, Elizabeth (she's 20), and I.

Egg toss!

Joe leading the instructions.

Cousin Cara and I

My cousins have cute kids (Bridget, Evy and Bella)

Newlyweds signing some Willie Nelson:)

Old neighbors from Colonial Hills!

Dad singing.

Cousins singing to "Nate and Sarah Down by the Vineyard" (think Simon and Garfunkel).

The sibling picture taking sequence...

Almost good...

Oops! Not ready.

Pretty good...

Ahhh... Nate!

All the siblings and in-laws.

Me and the Koechlin cousins.
Congrats to Nate and Sarah! Thanks to friends and family who traveled so far- it was great to see everyone!

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