Monday, September 23, 2013

Blog Addict

Ok, I have a problem. I have become addicted to reading blogs. The internet to me isn't about facebook, twitter, the news or even is about taking part in other peoples' lives through their blogs. I am fascinated about the views, opinions, day to day life, recipes, habits, struggles, and humor that I learn from these people I have never met! I have always been a person interested in other peoples' normalcy's, and I think blogging has increased that fascination.

I also get so many good tips about health, eating, exercise, traveling, work, hobbies, ect. Like check this out from one of my new favorite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers:

30 Minute Elliptical Workout

I can get a personalized workout plan for free! Isn't that nice?

I also get to meet bloggers really cute kids and feel like I know them. Check out this cutie, Ms. Brooke, from Hungry Runner Girl:

IMG 1609
Cutest mini-runner EVER.


I promise I am not a creeper. I also email/message the bloggers and felt like a celebrity when one emailed me back! And if you read the comment sections of posts, you would realize I am not the only one who feels attached to these people/their lives.

I love how blogging depicts the normal ups and downs of everyday life. Facebook and twitter only show what people want us to see, but I feel bloggers are much more real and honest about their lives. Yes, mostly what people write about is positive, but the good bloggers also incorporate stories and feelings showing all their sides, good AND bad. I try to do that on this blog too, and if I had a more widespread reading base I would do it even more (when you have to post something every day or every other day, your moods are shown much more). I definitely feel that when I look back on my posts in certain months or years, I get taken back to what I was struggling with and feeling. Facebook doesn't show you that. Blogging to me is much more real. If I had a smart phone (yup, still don't!) it would be even more real because I would probably take a gazilllion times more pictures, but it's probably good that I don't.

It is secretly my dream to be able to quit my job and make enough money from blogging. That would also mean I would have to be doing interesting enough things to warrant blogging full-time, but that is beside the point. Perhaps in my quest to fulfill this dream, I will challenge myself to do a post a day during the month of October! Do you think I can do it?! I will have to be creative and/or you will just get way too many details about my mundane life!

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