Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wahoo Wedding

Ladies and gentleman, I am only one wedding away from the end of the 2013 wedding season (yup, 8 of 9 weddings have quickly come and gone) and, if it is anything like this past weekend's wedding, it will go out with a bang!

Yesterday I watched my college friends Colleen and TJ tie the knot! (This is the same college group of friends that was at this wedding in 2010). It was a wonderful day with great friends, food, booze and dancing (duh). It took place at the Cathedral in the heart of VCU with a little break (and hotel lobby boozing) before the reception at the historic John Marshall Hotel in downtown RVA.

Don't worry, I have pictures (though I didn't document as well as I normally do).

Beautiful church!

Beautiful couple inside and out!

(Notice the orange and blue UVA theme)

Crazy Katie.


OMGmynewfavoriteguyever, Spencer.



Shannon and Whitney

RVA girls and former 2nd year roomies:)!

Big congrats to Colleen and TJ! Great party:)

(I am also officially done working at the pool- it closed today :) !!!!)
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