Sunday, October 27, 2013

I lied

I am such a lier! Don't believe anything I say (well, please do, but don't always...anyways).

Today I registered for the Richmond Half Marathon on November 16th.

Best part of the course=running over the river at sunrise. My backside is also very attractive.

You may remember that just a few short weeks ago I proclaimed that I was NOT going to register due to not being able to adequately train because I was instead traveling on weekends. Well, I still have a weekend left of travel between now and the race (which is three weeks from now), but after running amongst the marathon training group today for their 20-miler, a quick, almost pain free 10 miles changed my mind.

There is something very uplifting and invigorating about completing a long run. The endorphins, scenery and euphoria of accomplishing such a great goal and challenge can really get into your head and commit you to crazy things.

It only took until mile 3 today for me to mentally accept the challenge of running the half marathon. The route was beautiful, the discussions were entertaining, the other runners were motivating, and the weather was perfect. All the perfect storms combined for me to change my mind! Besides some muscle tightness from miles 8-10, I feel great now and am excited for a quick training season before the big day!

Perhaps there is something to be said for ripping the band-aid off quickly as opposed to dragging the process out? We'll see what 3 weeks of training versus 12 does to my time and enjoyment of the race! I will try to get one more long run in before the race and then keep up with my usual 3-6 mile runs throughout the week.

Anyone else ever registered for a race late in the game (side note: this was a very expensive decision)?! I would love to know I am not the only crazy one:)

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