Sunday, October 13, 2013

I love visiting colleges

College campuses are fun places to be.

It doesn't matter what you are doing when you're there- be it for a wedding, a sporting event, an exploratory walk, a weekend or just an afternoon- the energy and excitement is contagious. The social atmosphere is unlike anywhere else. Being a UVA alum, I hate to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my last few visits to Blacksburg, which I think has to do with the simple fact that I love colleges. I didn't particularly do anything crazy or out of the ordinary visiting friends at Virginia Tech this weekend, but I had an awesome time. From a low key Friday evening eating dinner and chilling at a bar to a football game and tailgate to an evening of grilling out and hanging out and enough energy for a Sunday morning run in the rolling countryside, it rejuvenated me just like any out of town trip does! While I didn't particularly care about the outcome of the football game (but, yes, I did wear VT gear), the atmosphere was great. I am excited for all my travels coming up (and visits to my own alma mater for football games)- definitely a good decision! It also helped that a friend who was also randomly visiting Blacksburg this weekend and I carpooled, so the 3 hour drive through the mountains was much more enjoyable than it would have been solo.

Tailgaiting VT style!

View before the game.

View during the game.

Some of the group- a little wet but all smiles!

Thanks to my host this weekend (my friend Meredith's good friend Ashley) and to the weather in Blacksburg, because even though it was overcast all weekend, it only rained for a brief part of Saturday, which is much better than the soggy conditions in Richmond! Sun, where are you?

P.S. I also officially french braided my hair for the first time this weekend! It only took me 27 years to learn:)

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