Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Me on a Monday

Some of my favorite blogs occasionally post about what their day was like. I want to feel cool and do it too, so here is what my Monday was like. Get excited. 

6:20 AM: Wake up!

6:50 AM: Leave for work

7:10 AM: Arrive at work

7:25 AM: Prep for the PSAT on Wednesday (signs posted everywhere)!!!

8:30 AM: Begin senior meetings

9:30 AM: Eat breakfast of two slices of Applegate bacon and two organic hard boiled eggs. I don't usually eat this late in the morning but I wasn't very hungry today.

11:30 AM: Eat lunch of salad with Bell and Evan's chicken, tomatoes, cheese and goddess dressing (Trader Joe's) with sides of carrots, an apple and cottage cheese. All organic!

12:00 PM: More senior meetings!

1:00 PM: Scholarship meeting outside of school- I love leaving the building early for meetings:)

3:00 PM: Home! Check social media sites (obvi, since I don't have a smart phone). Snack of macadamia nuts and dark chocolate.

3:30 PM: 5 mile run because the sun is FINALLY out!

4:45 PM: Head to the gym to meet up with a friend for a tour of her Gold's! Run another 2 miles and lift weights. I might join a gym again just for the socializing...

6:00 PM: Back home to cook dinner- Trader Joe's high fiber pasta with meatless meatballs and sauteed zucchini, squash and tomatoes (again, all organic). YUMMY. All I need is olive oil and garlic salt as the extra flavor instead of a sauce.

6:30 PM: Shower! I even shave my legs- I'm living big.

7:00 PM: Check blogs and watch E! News...gotta get my scoop!

8:00 PM: Bones is on! Eat a snack of string cheese and hummus.

9:00 PM: Get in bed and watch another episode of Bones on DVD...I love laying in bed watching TV.

9:45 PM: Bedtime:)

Exciting life, huh? I ended up running 7 miles today so I was definitely tired, but I had so much energy this afternoon! I think it had to do with the sun finally making its debut after a week! This was also a typical primal eating day except for my pasta with dinner. Unfortunately this morning I realized my spaghetti squash went bad (the smell alone will make me not want another one for a while), so I had to work with what I had. Since I ran so much I didn't mind incorporating the pasta and carbs. I try to eat primal 80% of the time- some days more, some days less! It's all about balance.

 I hope you had a good Monday:) Do your days usually look similar? This was a pretty open day for me, which is not the norm, but very much appreciated!

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