Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Routine

I am having the hardest time waking up for work. It is not that I can't wake up in time or don't get enough sleep, it is that I don't have any energy in the morning. I cannot imagine what it is like for parents with young kids, but I feel like I am in a daze until 9 AM no matter how much sleep I get during the work week.

To remedy this situation, I am getting back into the habit of waking up earlier (yes, this oxymoron has a purpose) so my body can get more low-impact movement before work. Instead of caffeine, I seriously need to move and get my blood flowing in order to wake up. I blame this necessity on my habit of running and working out in the morning so much in the summer and when I am off work. My body simply needs to sweat a little to wake up. I have not been running in the morning for the last month since it is dark until later and because my mileage has increased, so I simply don't have enough time to get a long run in unless it is after school. I am thinking that if I wake up about 30 minutes earlier, I will have enough time to do a 20-25 minute session on the elliptical in my complex while watching the morning news. This will be my version of most people's "coffee and news" time.

My favorite NBC morning crew!

Or...if you need to be a pleasant person at work.

This may sounds like a great problem to have (needing to work out to feel awake and energized), but it actually sucks. Imagine enjoying sleeping 8 or even 9 hours and having enough time in the evenings for healthy activities like running, walking or the gym, yet STILL feeling fatigued and irritable at work for 2 hours every morning unless you exercise? It sucks. Trust me. 

But I am going to try out this new morning routine and hopefully have a little more pep in my step and positivity in my interactions with students before the sun comes up too high! So 5:50 AM- I will be seeing your time on my clock every weekday morning from now on!

Anyone else have this problem? I should probably be studied.

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