Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Travel > Running

Ladies and gentleman, I know you were worried and wondering, awaiting anxiously to find out if I would be running the Richmond Half on November 16th (due to my official poll on Facebook, I know it's been on your mind), and the answer is....


Because you know what I am going to do instead?! I am traveling. My favorite thing EVER!!! I am taking a few weekend trips between now and then, so I decided to have fun and not train. If I am not in town most weekends it makes getting those long runs in much harder. I feel good about my decision! I am going to watch the marathon from my street corner and hopefully join in with my friend to help encourage/pace her instead. I also gotta say, spending hundreds of dollars on plane tickets is MUCH more exciting than spending that money on registering for races:) Those dang things are not cheap! Today I booked a ticket for a trip to Austin in December, and I am going out of town this weekend and the first weekend in November. Yay! Work has been crazy lately (and sad...sometimes being a high school counselor involves dealing with some sad situations), so I am really itching to get a mental/life break.  I am even excited about going to the foresaken Hokie land...aka Blacksburg... this weekend for a football game. This Wahoo must need a break!

However, one thing I do not like about traveling is how stressed I get before the trip because I am trying to plan everything for not only the trip itself, but for when I get back. I like to have all my grocery shopping and cleaning done before I leave for a trip so I don't have to stress about it when I get back late on a Sunday night. I also always think I won't have time to exercise when I am away (though I most always do), so I cram all my workouts into the week before that is already crazy. Ugh! I hate this about myself. I end up getting anxious the whole week before I go away thinking that there are all these things I need to get done, when in reality I would survive doing them the day or day after I get back. And not running for one weekend won't kill me (side note: I know this, but I just took two weeks off running, so I am cramming it all into these rain-filled days at 5:30 in the morning). Anyone out these feel this same way? 


And then to end this post on an inspirational and related note, this great video from youtube. Because traveling is what I love doing, and my job is one that may not pay a lot of money, but gives me to time to do what I love.

Have a great HUMP day (or rainy day for those in VA)!
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